DIY Project: Embroidered Football Coasters

I am not much of a chef, but I do enjoy planning parties. The next party on the agenda is for the big game! Here is something super fun and easy, not to mention your guests will really get a kick out of (no pun intended 😊) embroidered coasters in team colors. Super Bowl Coasters


  • The size of each coaster can be whatever you prefer. The coasters I show in the video are 7" by 7", but feel free to adjust the dimensions according to the size of the cups, mugs, or chip bowls.
  • Felt or fleece in 2 different colors (two colors from the team jersey's - when choosing fabric, check out the team fleece fabrics available at a variety of fabric stores.)
  • Medium or heavy weight tearaway embroidery stabilizer
  • Wash-away embroidery stabilizer used as a topper
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Quilters ruler

Machine used:

Note: I am going to design the football embroidery in My Design Center. If you don't have this feature on your Brother machine, scan iBroidery for a sports theme embroidery motif.

Here is the video tutorial:

[youtube id="ixGxHydsnFM"]
  1. Hoop the tearaway embroidery stabilizer. Cut the fleece or felt pieces the same size as the embroidery hoop you will be using. (Use whichever embroidery hoop works for the size you choose to embroider. Consider using the largest hoop to embroidery multiple coasters at the same time.)
Super Bowl Coasters Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Go to "My Design Center" and select the hoop size 4" by 4". This will help you design the football to a smaller size, even if you are using a larger hoop.
Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Click on the shape icon and find the shape that resembles a football. If you don't like any of the options, you could draw your own. Re-size the shape to fit inside the hoop size shown on the screen. Click on the pencil icon and draw in the football laces. Insert a decorative embroidery fill inside the football.
Super Bowl Coasters Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Change the settings on the outline of the football to a triple stitch instead of a satin stitch. Send the design to embroider. Duplicate the design if you plan on embroidering more than 1 at a time. Add an applique outline to the football shape. Add a decorative box outline and resize the box to be at least 1" wider than the football. (in the video we add this box later, but its just as easy to add it now).
Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Embroider the football design along with the cut line on the applique. Tearaway the water soluble stabilizer and trim around the top layer of fabric, close to stitch line.
Super Bowl Coasters Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Continue to embroider the applique outline.
Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Before embroidering the box outline, layer another piece of fabric underneath of the embroidery hoop. If using felt or fleece, the fabric should stay flat underneath the hoop without attaching it to anything else. If using a different fabric that is not as stiff, consider rehooping with the new fabric underneath the stabilizer.
Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Embroider the box outline.
Super Bowl Coasters
  1. Remove the fabric and stabilizer from the hoop. Tearaway the stabilizer. Using a quilters ruler trim the fabric 1" outside of the embroidered box (depending on the size of the coaster, you might trim a little more or less).
Super Bowl Coasters Consider trimming the top later a little shorter than the bottom layer or cutting the fabric with pinking shears for a fun finish. These coasters are so easy to make, consider giving each guest one for the team they are rooting for. Larger mats would be great to place appetizer bowls on or simply decorate the buffet. And don't forget to use the Brother P-Touch Embellish
to leave custom messages for all the guests. Enjoy your party and I hope your team wins 😊 As always, be sure to share photos of you game décor using hashtags #brothersews and #angelawolf Cheers, Angela angelas-sig