Dream with Brother Sew's Newest Quilt System

Brother takes great pride in helping you create your Dream Quilts with our newest Quilt System, featuring THE Dream Quilter™ 15 and THE Dream Motion™ Quilting Automation Software
. [youtube id="qFkBB2z_Vno"] We are extremely excited to introduce to you THE Dream Quilter™ 15, a 15" Mid-Arm Quilting Machine, crafted with all of the high-end long-arm features you have come to love in a truly affordable quilting machine. Many major functions and settings can be controlled right from the Brother exclusive custom grip handles and can be easily navigated through the full color 5” LCD touch screen display. This machine boasts superior stitching with built-in stitch regulation, and four types of stitch modes to choose from. The extended 15" throat gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or blocks. 3

Learn more about the included features of THE Dream Quilter™ 15:

  • 15" W x 8" H workspace
  • Up to 1,800 stitches per minute
  • 5” LCD touch screen display
  • Machine includes a free motion quilting foot and 10 quilting machine needles
  • Built-in stitch regulator
  • Dual-cone thread holders
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Large M-class bobbins
  • Laser stylus
  • Custom grip handles with 6-quick access buttons
  • Handles rotate for more control closer to the fabric surfaces
THE Dream Quilter™ 15 THE Dream Quilter™ 15 is designed to fit perfectly on THE Dream Fabric Frame. As you may know, THE Dream Fabric Frame not only gives its users an expanded workspace for zone to zone management, but it also fits easily into a 3’ x 5’ space. You can quilt small items including place mats and table runners to large items including queen and king size quilts. What more could you Dream of? Haven't seen THE Dream Fabric Frame yet? Take a look at this video! [youtube id="QLUz3_KhrgY"]

Automate Your Brother* Machine on THE Dream Fabric Frame

3 THE Dream Motion™ Automation Software provides a top-of-the-line automated quilting experience, offering versatility which works for both beginners and pros. Developed exclusively to work with THE Dream Fabric Frame’s fabric management and Zone to Zone quilting process, it’s as easy as select, place and sew. The intuitive layout allows you to create, design, edit layout and quilt with precision. Choose the software package that’s right for you from the two software options that may best suit your quilting automation needs. Select either The Dream Motion™ Software OR upgrade to The Dream Motion™ PRO

THE Dream Motion™ Quilting Automation Software includes:

    • Quilting Animation
    • Precision Sewing and Pattern Placement
    • Two-row Pantograph design layout
    • Zone-to-zone fabric management to transition patterns seamlessly across your quilt. Exclusive to THE Dream Fabric Frame System for Brother!

PLUS, THE Dream Motion™ PRO Quilting Automation Software also includes:

  • Advanced zone-to-zone fabric management to transition patterns seamlessly throughout your quilt. Exclusive to THE Dream Fabric Frame System for Brother!
  • PantoStacker for full quilt layouts
  • PatternCAD to create & edit patterns
  • QuiltCAD for advanced pattern layout
[youtube id="4Etyr__g5pc"] We invite you to take advantage of these new opportunities and share your quilting success stories with us on our BrotherSews Facebook
, Instagram
and Twitter
pages. Let us help you make your Quilt Dreams, reality! For more information, download our free PDF brochure
on both THE Dream Quilter™ 15 and THE Dream Motion™ Quilt Automation Software.
*Brother Machines compatible with THE Dream Motion™ Automation Software: XV8550D, XV8500D, THE Dream Quilter™ 15 (DQLT15), V-Series, PQ1500SLPRW, PQ1500SL

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