How to Elevate Your Sweatshirt DIY Style

-Brother Sews Blogger

Find out how to add some fashion flair to a standard sweatshirt with this helpful tutorial!

One of my favorite things when styling outfits during colder months is taking wardrobe basics and elevating them. As a mom on the go, you will most likely find me in leggings or jeans paired with a tee or sweatshirt. This can get a bit boring, so to change things up I like to layer. Let's talk layering. Here are a couple of ways to layer pieces to bring some spice to your everyday outfits

- Brother Stellaire Innovis XJ1
- Men’s White Button- Up (Note: Make sure it fits around your hips comfortably)
- Loose fitting Sweatshirt (Go one size up)
- Matching Thread
- Scissors or Rotary Cutter
- Sewing Pins
- Iron and Ironing Board

1. Fold the shirt in half. Measure 6 inches up from the side seam.

2. Cut off the bottom 6 inches of the shirt.

3. Fold top (raw edge) over about 1/4 inch towards the right side of your fabric. Press.

4. Flip sweatshirt wrong side out and pin button-up to the bottom matching the pressed edge to the bottom sweatshirt seam.

5. Take your garment to your machine. Using the seam as a guide, sew button-up to the sweatshirt.

6. Guess what? That’s it! It’s as easy as that!

1. T-shirt + Jeans.
Let's start with the jeans. Find a pair of high waisted, wide legs jeans. Wide leg is an unexpected at the moment because we have seen jeggings and skintight jeans being worn for years. Let's break out of this tired trend and try something different. Now, for the perfect t-shirt moment: fitted, crisp white or black t-shirt tucked into the pants. It's a simple, clean look  that’s classy and timeless. On top, layer a gold chain belt, gold hoop earrings and a long statement coat.  Let’s not forget the shoes! To me, the wrong shoes can throw the entire look off. A pair of chunky heel black boots will complete this style. This look says that you're a chic mom who didn't have to try hard to look this good. Go mom!

2. T-shirt + Leggings.
My go to leggings are a pair of black high waisted ones with a wide waistband. If you are a mom, I’m sure you understand when I say, I need all the help I can get when it comes making my waist look snatched. A pair of leggings like I described is a must have in my wardrobe. Oh! And I don’t have one or two pairs. I have several. (This item is essential in my wardrobe.) Now, et’s find a tee. For this look, go for a graphic t-shirt. I highly recommend a vintage band tee. As for the fit, a loose fit that sits just below your waist. Finally, let's start layering.  Layer on a boyfriend fit jean jacket and roll up the sleeves. This creates an effortless look. Throw on a gold multi-layer chain necklace, bracelets and some gold earrings. Grab a pair of white sneakers and you’re done! This is such an edgy look, while being comfortable too!

3. Sweatshirt + Leggings.
As mentioned above, my go to leggings are a pair of black high waist leggings with a wide waistband. When it comes to sweatshirts, I always go for a fun, bold color. Wearing color as a mom makes you look less frumpy and dull. It brightens up your look and when pulled together correctly, you’ll look effortlessly elevated. As for the fit, a loose fit is the way to go! A white button- up shirt easily elevates the sweatshirt, but I hate the bulkiness of a button-up underneath. To eliminate this, I have a hack for you: Below I share a very simply DIY project where you can transform all of your sweatshirts and look polished yet comfortable all in one.