Embroider a Hoody with Precise Placement

Two of my nephews stopped by my studio for a few days last week and I couldn’t resist wanting to embroider their hoody’s. They loved the look of the Brother Luminaire
and asked if there were any great video games in the tablet! Sadly, there are no video games on the Luminaire 😊 but there are plenty of fun built-in embroidery designs! I scrolled through the list and told them I would embroider their hoodies with any design they wanted - they both chose a cool skate boarder. Let’s go embroidering! Clicking on the skateboarder designs, I needed to expand the design. I used the EDIT screen and clicked on the SIZE icon, but also keep in mind how quickly a touch of the screen can resize the design. I had the boys gather the embroidery colors while I hooped the stabilizer. Here are the details: Materials:
  • Hoody
  • Brother Embroidery Thread
  • Medium-weight sticky back tearaway stabilizer
Hoop the medium weight sticky back stabilizer with the paper side up. Score the paper. Place the hoody on top of the sticky stabilizer, lining up the zipper with the edge of the hoop. Place the hoop in the Brother Luminaire and click on the projector icon. Use the touch screen to move the embroidery design, taking care to keep the design away from the zipper. On this hoody, the ideal placement is above the center front seamline. Continue to move the embroidery design around and use the projected image to quickly determine the final placement. Thread the machine. Start embroidering. The boys were really impressed that the Luminaire
lets you know it’s finished embroidering and adds a smiling emoji. Remove the hoop from the embroidery machine. Tearaway the stabilizer. The hoody's are done and the skateboard embroidery adds a sporty touch! The boy’s let me know that our next project will be embroidering a superhero on a hoody for their little brother. The Brother Luminaire
is so user friendly - it allows creativity to come to life! Be sure to share photos of what you are working on, we always love to see what you are working on! #AngelaWolf #Brothersews Cheers, Angela angelas-sig