I love having new seasonal throw pillows in our living room. They add just a great pop of color and fun holiday decor for any season/occasion. For this festive project, I used my new Brother Innov-ís NS1150E
as it comes with a large hoop (and it’s been great to have the larger hoop!) and some fun holiday designs from iBroidery to create my pillows. This was a fun project! Here are my new Christmas pillows! I made several last week and I am just loving how cozy and beautiful they are. Machine: iBroidery Designs: First, I marked out the four centers of my designs. I knew I could line up the center in my hoop, so I marked those four places and I placed the hoop on the fabric. The fleece was a bit stretchy, so I used a stiff tear away stabilizer on the back. The pin was where I marked the center of the first design. Import your designs (I LOVE the thumb drive transfer) and begin the design. I like to work on multiple projects at the same time, so that way, I am close by to change out the thread color every few minutes. As each ornament was finished, I removed the hoop and checked the arrangement. Be careful not to stretch and distort the fabric if it has some give. I used four different ornament designs for my Christmas pillow, but four of the same design in a row for a long pillow would look neat too. The possibilities with an embroidery machine are of course endless! Have you started sewing for Christmas? I’ve got a long list to make and this was the first project I could check off my list! We will be enjoying this gorgeous and cozy Christmas pillow for the next few months. I hope this inspired you to make something cozy for Christmas in your home.