Entrepreneur 6 Plus PR670E Embroidery Machine

Intro Post

Now it's easy to go pro from home!

Whether you’re considering a home business or just looking to open up your creativity, getting the right partner is a great place to begin. Introducing the Entrepreneur 6-Plus.
It’s so user-friendly and so incredibly easy to use. Put it to work – or play – for you!

Amazing Features include:

  • 10.1" built-in LCD touch screen display
  • 16 built-in video tutorials so you can learn as you go
  • Color Sort helps you reduce thread changes
  • High speed acceleration means your projects will be completed faster
  • Color Shuffling 2 Function for even more color possibilities
  • Intuitive Color Management for easy design customization
  • ...and many more

Watch the Video Here!

[youtube id="PGJJShl6XB4"] What have you created with the Entrepreneur 6-Plus PR670E Embroidery Machine?