Video How to: BES®4 Feature Alpha Mapping

BES®4 Feature - Alpha Mapping:

BES®4 Dream Edition™ is an embroidery software that makes personalization easy! Perfect for your lettering, monogramming, customization, and appliqué projects. In this video, check out the Alpha Mapping feature of BES®4 Dream Edition™. BES4 Alpha Mapping

What is Alpha Mapping?

Alpha Mapping is when you add fonts that you have in your computer to the BES®4 Dream Edition™. Once you have mapped a font, you will be able to select it within the software and type on your computer's keyboard as you usually do to type with this font. No longer will you need to add these font files one letter at a time as embroidery files. What a time savings!

Some features you will learn in this video:

  • Adding fonts from your computer to BES®4 Dream Edition™
  • How to adjust letters along the baseline as you add them
  • Using the Auto feature of the Alpha Map chart
  • Manually adding letters to the Alpha Map chart

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[youtube id="k9-ywZeGnsA"] You can now create designs with PC software and transfer them directly to your machine or save them to a USB Stick. You can also edit your designs from your PC or Mac laptop, tablet or mobile device with the simplified version of BES®4 on
and so much more!

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