Easy Fabric Gift Bags With Embroidery

Supplies and Tools:

  • Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine
  • Cute Birthday, Christmas or other Holiday Fabric
  • Embroidery Files from Ibroidery
  • Stabilizer and embroidery thread

Fabric gift bags not only look adorable, they are easy to use and perfect for reusable gift wrapping. Use the same bag over and over to wrap gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other gifting occasions. You can use various fabrics for each event and easily save the bags from year to year. Sew fabric bags in various sizes to hold gifts of all shapes and sizes.

Fabric Gift Bags - 18

Directions: I’m going to show you how to create lovely embroidered gift bags as shown here, but you can also sew these without the embroidery. I started by downloading some fun embroidery designs from ibroidery.com that coordinated well with some Christmas fabric I had left over from last year. I love finding embroidery designs that look like they were made to go with the fabric I’m using. I love the candy cane and snowflake here, perfect match with the fabric.

Once you have all of your supplies organized you will need to decided how big to make your bags.

Fabric Gift Bags 1

If you are sewing a fabric bag for a certain present you can use that item to determine the size. If you are just creating bags for general use, I would make an assortment of sizes. Bigger is always better and it can be used for more items.

I was able to sew my bags with a fold at the bottom. Choose your size and trim the top and sides with the right side of the fabric out.

Grab your stabilizer and hoop. You want to center it on one side of the bag. The top of the design should be towards the raw edge, not the fold (this is the bottom) Place hoop and couple inches from the bottom and not too close to the top. (this will be gathered with a tie)

Place stabilizer and hoop on fabric.

Load embroidery design into machine and rotate if necessary.

Begin embroidery and create design.

Now it’s time to turn the embroidered fabric into a simple gift bag. Finish the top raw edges of the bag with a double fold or pinking shears. Either of these will keep the fabric from fraying. I finished the top edges before sewing the side seams.

With a regular sewing machine or serger, sew the side seams of the bag, matching the top edges of the bag, then sewing down to fold. I used a zig-zag stitch.

Once you have sewn the side seams, turn right side out and grab some pretty ribbon or string to tie the package closed.

Enjoy wrapping your gifts with pretty fabric packaging and then save the gift bags to use over and over again.