How to Sew a Fabric Pumpkin for DIY Fall Decor

-Brother Sews Blogger

Ready to celebrate all things fall? Try these DIY fabric pumpkins. These are easy to make and a fun project to do with the kids. Sew these in different fabrics like velvet, flannel, and cotton. You can also add felt leaves and jack-o-lantern faces to create festive DIY home décor. Get the details below on how to sew a fabric pumpkin.

Brother SE1900 Sewing Machine
• Fabric (see measurements below)
• Needle and thread
• Embroidery floss thread, cording, or button/craft/Jeans thread (a heavier wt. thread).
• Batting
• Felt or stick for stem or face.
• Hot glue gun

Cut out a rectangle of fabric on the bias that is 8 x 16” long. You can also make them smaller or larger. The length should be twice as long as it is wide (example: 5 x 10”, 8 x 16”).

Step 1/Step 1 Sewing:

Fold in half so right sides are together and stitch short side (1/4” seam allowance).

Step 2:
Press seam allowance flat.
Thread a needle with a heavier wt. thread used for jeans or buttons. This will help so the thread doesn’t break. You can use All-Purpose thread and double thread it as well.  Sew a running stitch about ¼” away from the edge.

Step 3:
Gather the thread till it’s cinched. Knot the thread ends together a couple times to secure.

Step 4:
Turn fabric right side out. Stuff with batting right up to the top.

Step 5 and 5b:
Thread another needle and thread and repeat step 2 above. Before cinching tight you can add more batting if need be. Knot closed to secure.

Step 6:
Thread a long needle with embroidery floss, cording, or heavy duty thread. Make sure the thread is a longer piece since we will be wrapping this around the pumpkin to form the ridges.

Go through the center core making sure to grab some of the center fabric from both sides and then go back through again pulling it to create a dip in the core. Continue to pull through the core several times wrapping around the pumpkin and creating ridges. Knot off once complete.

Step 7
For stem: Cut a 2.5 x 4” strip of felt and roll together hot gluing as you go. You can also use sticks and wrap with a strip of burlap or fabric.

Step 8:
Hot glue the stem into the dip of the core. Use felt to create leaves or even little faces and hot glue on.