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Materials Needed:

Brother Sewing Machine: Pacesetter
● Brother thread ● 3/4-yard fabric ● 1/4-yard quilters muslin ● 1 1/2-yards heavyweight sew-in interfacing ● 1-yard light weight fusible interfacing ● Scissors ● Measuring tape ● Iron
Tip: Iron each fabric block so they align better.


Step 1: Organize your fabrics and Brother thread prior to getting started, especially if you're creating multiple ties like we did! organized fabric Step 2: Create a tie shape out of cotton backing and use it to measure out and cut against the fabric of your choice. cut tie shape Step 3: Cut the different pieces of the tie separately: the neck piece, middle section and two separate liner ends. tie pieces Step 4: Create the bottom backing out of a neutral color complimentary to the fabric pattern, place at the bottom of the tie and sew. tie bottom Step 5: Attach two separate pieces to the sides of the tie and join them together in the middle, creating a middle seam. attached fabric Now go forth and make your own!