Five Questions With: Brother Sews Ambassador Emily Thompson

You’ve seen their projects. You’ve read their posts. You’ve studied their monthly tips. And now, you can get the inside scoop on your favorite Brother Ambassadors. Read on to find out what makes our Ambassadors tick (or sew, or craft!).
  Brother: What is your favorite sewing season and why?   Emily: This is so hard! I love the ease of summer tanks and tees, but lately I've been obsessed with sewing cozy sweaters, so I think I would have to go with winter sweater sewing.   Brother: What was the last thing you created for a friend?    Emily: A Christmas mask {haha} and sewing leggings for my niece who doesn't really fit well into ready to wear clothing.   sewing machines   Brother: What is your favorite Brother accessory?   Emily: Right now, I would have to say anything for my ScanNCut
. I've been using it a lot and I adore the new fabric mats!   Brother: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in sewing?   Emily: Try, try and try again! I think sewing is an art form and art doesn’t come easily. You aren’t good at the piano the first time you sit down, and your first sewing project won't be perfect, but you will get better with practice. For so many, sewing is relaxing, stress-relieving and a creative outlet. If that’s what it is for you, then my advice would be to keep at it!   Crafting room   Brother: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not sewing?   Emily: I have three kiddos so I'm usually hanging out with them, running them around to activities, or feeding them. And when I get a moment to myself, I love to read.   Emily Thompson  
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