How to Monogram Quilted Baby Bunting

My sisters’ twins are turning 5 months old and I thought I would get them ready for the chillier weather. I purchased matching buntings (of course I could have made them, but these were too cute to pass up) and started to work on a fun project. The hardest part was deciding on which decorative monogram letters to use!


  • Baby buntings or garment
  • Medium weight sticky-back tearaway stabilizer
  • Tailors chalk or fabric marking tool
  • Embroidery thread
  • Fusible knit stabilizer (optional)

Machine Used:

  • THE Dream Machine
    (many of the Brother embroidery machines will work for this project)
  1. Mark the center front placement for the monogram. Starting about 1” below the underarm area, draw a cross. Locate the center of the front of the garment and draw a line up and down crossing through the previous line.
  1. Hoop the medium-weight sticky back tearaway stabilizer with the paper side up. Score the paper and leave an opening as shown.
  1. Open the bunting and place the outer layer for the monogram onto the hoop. Try to center the markings in the hoop, but don’t stress about that too much as we will use the camera and the laser light for precise placement.
  1. Now to the hardest part, choose a font 😊 I am going with the decorative letters listed under #3 for the first letter and then add a different font for the remaining letters.
  1. On this particular font, notice letters #1 thru 25 are much larger in size than letters #27 on. This bunting is for a 6 to 9-month baby, so I will choose the smaller letter size.
  1. Click Add. Choose a different font from category #2. Ironically, I am choosing font #02 as well, but any of the thicker style fonts will work.
  1. These fonts can be used in small, medium or large, I am using the large. Click Set.
  1. Move the set of letters centered in the first decorative letter. Change the color of the font to match the larger letter. If the name is longer, utilize the spacing feature to move the letters closer together.
  1. Depending how you placed the bunting, you might need to Rotate the design.
  1. Click Embroidery.
  1. Either Scan the hoop or use the Camera feature to see the chalked markings on the garment. The idea is to center the letters on the cross marking. Move the letters as needed.
  1. Add a basting stitch around the letters.
NOTE: Check for hidden closures, such as snaps of buttons! Stitching over one of those will surely break the needle and scare the living daylights out of you! Mark the location of any of these; move the letters and basting stitch around them.
  1. One more check point on placement is to use the laser light, which will show the center of the design. Align the laser light with the center of the cross.
  1. Embroider.
  1. Remove the hoop. Remove the stabilizer from the hoop. Rip out the basting stitches, taking care not to damage the fabric. Tearaway the stabilizer. Brush off the remaining tailors chalk.
  1. Optional: If the inside of the bunting will be touching the skin of the baby, add fusible interacting to the backside of the embroidery so the fabric feels soft.
I am so thrilled how these turned out, I hope my sister will be too! Now the question is, how long will these stay clean 😊 These buntings give me many ideas for personalized gifts, just in time for the upcoming holidays. We always love to see what you are working on, be sure to share photos of what you are working on using hashtags #angelawolf and #brothersews Cheers, Angela angelas-sig