Just in time for summer! DIY Reusable Dish Covers

Brother Sews Ambassador

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and Summer is my favorite season. We look forward to being outside more and enjoying the “dog days” of summer. We often get together with our neighborhood and do pool parties and barbecues. It’s standard to bring your own prepared dish to share. In the South, you have to cover your food or there will be swarms of bugs (EW! I know). So, get rid of the foil and plastic wrap and use something that’s fun, reusable, and simple to place on and off. I had some bandanas handy and what says 4th of July like a bandana theme in red, white, and blue. You can do them in all the different sizes. Get the details below and make your own.


  • Brother SE1900
    Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • Bandannas or fabric
  • Double fold bias tape or bias tape maker (I made mine)
  • 1/4” elastic
  • safety pin
  • marking tools
  • general sewing supplies
  • measuring tape
Step 1:
  • Place the bowl you plan to cover on the back side of your fabric.
  • Trace with a fabric marking tool.
  • Add a 1” perimeter around the outline. I used measuring tape and just added slants 1” out and connected them.
Step 2
  • Cut out your patterns. You can do these in all sizes. I like these for leftovers or small dishes even.
Step 3
  • Pin the double fold bias tape so the raw edge is encased in between. Leave about ¼’ from the raw edge for the elastic casing.
  • Wrap around and make sure there is a 1” overlap of the bias tape.
Tip: Cut the bias tape after sewing to make sure it fits.
  • Sew the double fold bias making sure to get all 3 layers. Leave a 1” opening for the elastic.
Step 4:
  • Use measuring tape to get the circumference of the bowl you plan to use this for. Subtract 3” from that and cut your elastic to that measurement.
  • Use a safety pin at the end of the elastic and glide it through the casing you created with the bias tape. Once through overlap the elastic ends ½’ and zig zag stitch a couple times back and forth to secure.
Step 5:
  • Trim Bias tape if you haven’t done so, fold over edge ¼”, pin over the start so it’s overlapping about ¼” or so and finish sewing the opening closed.
Step 6:
  • It should look like a fun shower cap once finished… hehehe…
Now go make them in all the colors and all the sizes. Be careful with this one - you might just have 20 dish covers after the first one.
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