Old Flannel Shirts into a Tree Skirt!

Brother Sews Ambassador   As you start decorating your Christmas tree this holiday season, think about finishing it off with a heartwarming DIY tree skirt made from old flannel shirts. The process is simple, and the finished product is adorable.
SUPPLIES: Stacked shirts
  • 1.5 yds of coordinating fabric 44” wide
  • Pattern paper
  • 4 yards decorative trim
Decorative Trim https://youtu.be/pgdE4SPu0hQ
CREATING THE FLANNEL TOP:   1. Deconstruct the flannel shirts first by cutting off the arms. Then cut the sides of the shirts so they remain attached at the shoulders. Do this with all three flannel shirts. Flannel Shirt   Remove shirt sleeve   2. Decide on the shirt that will be the center of the tree skirt and lay it flat. The existing buttons of the center shirt will be used as the opening of the skirt and the neck hole is for the stem. 3. Cut the remaining two shirts at the shoulders so you have 4 pieces.   4. Using a rotary cutter or scissors, even out the shirts at the shoulders and sides so they all have straight edges to create rectangles. Trim to ensure straight edges   5. Sew two of the shirts together at the shoulders, then sew the other two at the shoulders. Top Tip: to vary the patterns, mix the shirts when sewing together at the shoulder. 6. Lay the long sides of the shirt panels together and sew.  You should have one large square. Sewn shirts
CREATING THE PATTERN   1. To make a 42” tree skirt you will create a pie shaped pattern that has two 21” radius lines from the center. Tree skirt measurements   2. To make sure the arc is correct, tie one end of the string around a pencil. Secure the other end at the center as the counterpoint of the pie. Make sure the string length is 21” when taut and draw the edge of the circle. Create a circle on fabric   Trace circle
FINISHING THE SKIRT   1. Lay the pattern on the folded flannel square and cut. Cut the same pattern on the coordinating piece of fabric. Pin fabric in circle   Cutting Shirt in Circle   2. Cut off the collar of the center piece from the flannels. 3. From the coordinating piece of fabric, cut a 2” circle from the center point of the pie. You can do this while it is still folded from the pattern piece. Small hole in center of circle   4. Cut through one side of the width of the fabric. Press in and sew the raw edges of the ends. Cut slit hole to outside of fabric   Sew raw edges   5. If you are planning on adding embroidery, this is a good time to do it since the shape of the skirt has now been cut. You can put the embroidery anywhere but, the center flannel piece that is opposite of the button opening is a great option. Embroidery design on fabric   6. With the right side of the flannel circle facing up, pin the trim around the outside edge facing in, and sew it in place. Pinned decorative trim   Sew trim   7. Lay the two right sides of the circles together, pin in place and sew around the circumference of the circle, leaving the ends open. sew entire circle   sewn circle   8. Clip the curves of the collar area and skirt and turn right side out. Press. Trim edges and turn fabric over   9. Top stitch and sew the open edges to secure the back fabric in place. Press and place under the tree! Top stitch   10. Your refashioned flannel tree skirt is complete. Finished skirt   Happy Holidays Everyone!   finished tree skirt   CLICK HERE FOR PDF!