AHH so excited that fall is here! The air is feeling slightly cooler {I wish it was more!} and I’ve started some fall baking… This also means that I need some new fall pjs. A few months ago, a friend gave me a lovely vintage sheet, and I decided to make some cute pj capris with this sheet. The result is pretty fun and super comfy to wear. They are easy to make, so let’s get started!


The most important part of this whole project is the cutting! After you choose a pj pattern and prepare your size, you will want to decide on the length. I chose to make my pj pants capri length, so I measured my inseam to the length I wanted. I then marked and cut my pattern piece to that length. Fold your sheet in half with right sides together and line up the edges as close as you can. Place the pattern piece on top of the folded sheet, then pin and cut out two pj legs. Fold each leg with right sides together and sew the inseam. Start sewing at the bottom making sure to perfectly align the cuffs. If you used a serger to sew up the inseam make sure to finish the threads, if you used a sewing machine and back stitched then you are fine. Place one leg inside the other with right sides together and line up the front and back of the pants crotch seam. Sew around this seam. Turn pants right side out. Finish the top of the pants by serging around or by folding under ¼” and pressing. Fold again 1.5” to form the casing for the elastic. Pin all the way around and then sew on the edge of casing. Leave a 2” opening to thread the elastic. Thread the elastic through the casing and then sew the ends together. Sew closed the opening. I like to stitch on the elastic in a couple of places to keep it from twisting while wearing. And that’s it! Now you have super cute pj pants to wear all fall. Now I want to search and find all the vintage sheets so I can turn them into pajamas!