1. Take measurements. Measure your waist, hips, and the desired length of your skirt. Write these measurements down.
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  3. On the pattern paper, draft the skirt pattern. Using your measurements, draft a pattern on a piece of paper. Here's how to do it:

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    • On one side of the paper, draw a straight line that measures the length of your skirt.
    • At the top of the line, draw a perpendicular line that measures ¼" of your waist measurement + 2” (darts) + ½” seam allowance.
      Example: If my total waist measurement is 30”, the formula would read:
      7.5+2+½= 10
    • 5” below this line, add your hip measurement. Draw a line parallel to the waist line that measures ¼” of your hips.
    • From the waistline, draw a lightly curved line to the end of the skirt line.
    • Add another line ½” next to this one. This will be your seam allowance.
    • At the top of your skirt, add 1 dart which will be 1” wide and 3” long. This will give your skirt shape.
    • At the bottom of the skirt line, add a hem allowance of about 1”.
    • Repeat steps 2-3 on the other side of the paper for the back of your skirt.
    • Once your skirt pattern is created, create a facing by tracing the top half of your skirt. The length of the facing will only be 3”. The facing will help with finishing the waist of your skirt.
  4. Cut the fabric. Using your pattern, cut 2 pieces of fabric for the front and back of your skirt. Make sure to cut them on the fold so you have a complete front and back. Don’t forget to transfer the markings for your darts.
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  6. Sew the Skirt.
    • Add a zipper at the side seam. Place it along the side seam, and sew it in place, before sewing the side seams.
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    • With right sides together, pin the front and back pieces of the skirt together at the side seams. Sew the side seams with a straight stitch, leaving about ½" seam allowance.
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  7. Finish the raw edges with a zigzag stitch or serger.
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  9. Attach the facing to the waist of your skirt right sides facing. Sew in place using a ½” seam allowance.
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  11. Hem the Skirt. Fold the bottom edge of the skirt up by ¼" and press with an iron. Then fold it up another ¾" and press again. Pin in place and sew the hem.
  12. Finish the Skirt. Press the seams and hem with an iron to give the skirt a finished look.
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And that's it! Your mini skirt is complete. You can also add pockets or other embellishments to personalize it to your style.

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