• Brother Sewing Machine
  • Denim 100/16 Sewing Needle
  • Old Pair of Jeans
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Fabric Clips/ Sewing Pins
  • Sequin Trim
  • Matching Thread

Let me start by saying, if you want to get into sewing sequin fabric, this is a great place to start. I know that sequin fabric can seem intimidating and can seem a bit tricky, but this project eases you into it slowly. For this project, we’ll be working with fabric trim which lessens the overwhelming feeling of working with yards of sequin fabric.

If you know me, you know I love all things that glitter and sparkle. I love clothing that’s playful, fun, and brings joy to not only me as the wearer, but also for those who see me. I love when my clothing speaks for me without me saying a word! These sequin cuffed jeans will do just that. They are perfect for allowing me to sparkle everywhere I go.

I love that these jeans give you a designer feel to them. Over the last couple of years, designers have been coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to transform the look of jeans. Whether it be adding embellishments to them, creating unique cut-outs, or giving them a unique distressed look, designers have really been creative with their designs. I have been inspired by it all and really excited to create my own version.

Like I mentioned above, I’ll be creating a sequin version, but if sequin is not your thing, please don’t let that stop you from creating these jeans. Feel free to use a fun trim that you love or a floral cotton fabric. I’m just here to simply inspire you to create and jumpstart your creativity.

Besides creating, I love being able to style the garments I make. These jeans will be especially fun! You can dress them up and style these with a silk button up blouse and heels. You can also dress them down with a fitted white t-shirt and some cute heels. I like to make sure that the pieces I'm adding to my look are pretty simply to allow for whatever I made, such as these pants, to stand out.


  1. Try on the pants and cuff them in the length that you desire. Pin in place.
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  3. Place your jeans on your counter and with your fabric marking tool, create a mark at the fold line. This can be a bit difficult so just draw little dash marks like I did. This way, you at least are aware of where the cuff is when you unfold the cuff in your jeans.
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  5. Unfold your cuff and connect your dash lines by drawing a clearer line.
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  7. Turn your jeans inside out, then fold your cuff to the inside of your jeans. Hold in place with fabric clips. Set aside.
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  9. Remove the accessory tray from your sewing machine.
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  11. Place your jeans around the free arm of your sewing machine. Your jeans should lay perfectly flat. Sew a ⅛ seam allowance along the bottom edge of your cuff.

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    Intro Post

  12. Turn your jeans right side out. Your cuff should be sewn in place with a small seam allowance. Now, starting at the bottom of your cuff and at the side seam allowance sew your sequins trim in place. When going over the side seam of your jeans, turn the hand wheel toward you to manually advance the needle until you have gotten past the bulk of the seam allowance. This section of the jeans can be really thick and can cause your needle to break. To prevent from damaging your needle, use your handwheel to go over the side seam. Once you get over this hump, slowly sew the sequin in place.
  13. Tip: Use a Straight Stitch, Stitch Length: 3

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  14. Once you get to the end of that row, overlap the trim by ½” and sew in place.
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  16. Sew the trim row by row until your cuff is covered with your sequin trim.
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  18. That’s it! I hope you have as much fun wearing them as you did making them.
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