Mother's Day Handmade Flower Pots

Intro Post Brother Sews Blogger
Spring into spring and create some colorful flower pots for Mom.

Materials Needed

  • 2 coordinating fabrics to fit your flower pot
  • Brother Sewing Machine: Pacesetter
  • Scissors
  • Brother thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron


Tip: Iron your fabrics before cutting for best results. Step 1: Measure around the top portion of your flower pot and mark it (ours were 9.5″ wide X 19″ long) and cut out a rectangle, one for each flower pot. Fold and sew each rectangle into a pocket with seams on two sides. Step 2: Pull from the middle of the pocket so the seam is center, and create a triangle at the top. Step 3: Fold down the top of the triangle and create a seam across the bottom of the triangle. Iron down the top as well. Step 4: Now you've got a pocket! Make sure to place the triangle-side down since that is the base, and turn the pod right-side out. Step 5: Trim the corners of your fabric, and fold the seams down to create the folded top. Now you’ve created a flower pod! Repeat these steps for each one, and enjoy.