For the past few months, we’ve been working hard to prepare for our annual “Back to Business” New Product launch which took place last week in sunny Orlando Florida. Trucks started arriving at the beautiful  World Center Marriot as early as July 28th bringing in new marketing materials, signage and of course, all of our new 2018 machines, software and accessories. The Brother team excitedly awaited the arrival of our Brother dealers as they anxiously anticipated the product reveal on August 1st! Despite an uninvited guest named “Tropical Storm Emily” who thankfully just brought with her rain and some wind, nothing could dampen our spirits and everyone braved the gusty winds and dark clouds to finish our set up and start welcoming Dealers to the 2018 Back to Business Event! We can honestly say this was one of the most exciting product launches we’ve had in years! So, we are excited and proud to share with our fans at home the New for 2018 Brother lineup which we hope will Power your Creativity! Leading the way was our all new, six-needle embroidery machine, the Entrepreneur 6-Plus PR670E
and let us tell you, this machine was a hit! This product has the power and ability of an industrial multi-needle machine yet is so incredibly easy-to-use, you won’t know what to embroider first. A large 10.1” built-in HD LCD display screen and 16 built-in video tutorials truly invites you to take your embroidery to the next level! We know how embroidery enthusiasts take their projects seriously, so features like high-speed acceleration, the color sort feature and color grouping allow users to complete projects efficiently and with ease. Plus, with the exclusive Droplight LED Positioning Marker, you can be rest assured you’ll always see where your needle will drop.  Whether you’re looking to start your own home embroidery business or want to expand your embroidery creativity, the Entrepreneur 6-Plus PR670E makes the perfect partner to unleash your passion.  Some highlights of the Entrepreneur 6-Plus PR670E include:
  • Six-needle embroidery with customizable needle settings
  • Large embroidery area of 8" x 12"
  • Large 10.1" built-in high definition LCD display with large icons and scrolling menu
  • High-speed acceleration means projects will be completed efficiently
  • On-screen letter input and editing
  • Smart Stitch Management with progress bar and direct entry to pinpoint the exact stitch
  • Intuitive Color Management for easy design customization
  • Color grouping allows multiple regions to be selected at a time for editing color
Next in our lineup was the triple play exciting Innov-ís NS1750D
, a combination machine that sews, quilts and embroiders – all with brilliant capabilities that could only come from Brother. This portable machine caters to those looking to enter the world of embroidery or serious enthusiasts looking for a great classroom machine who will love how smoothly it operates, thanks to the longer J foot and feed dogs.  Creating has never been easier with features such as on-screen editing with a large color LCD display, automatic thread cutting, and the embroidery drag and drop feature which allows users to easily combine designs on-screen and reposition them, plus so much more. And with a generous work space and sewing speeds up to 850 stitches per minute, you can complete your sewing projects in no time. The Innov-ís NS1750D is the perfect combination machine to blend all your talents at your fingertips. Good things come in threes, and we here at Brother are confident you’ll agree. Top Features of the Innov-ís NS1750D include:
  • 181 built-in stitches, including 10 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes, and 4 sewing lettering fonts
  • 125 built-in embroidery designs, including 45 designs featuring Disney characters, 140 frame pattern combinations, and 10 embroidery lettering fonts
  • Automatic thread cutter cuts the upper and lower thread
  • Easily combine designs on-screen and reposition with the drag and drop feature
  • On-screen editing includes letter editing, enhanced zoom, resizing, rotating, and repositioning
  • Sewing speeds at up to 850 stitches per minute
  • Longer J foot and feed dogs to feed the fabric smoothly
  • Advanced needle threading system
The newest addition to the Q-Series lineup is the Innov-ís NQ3600D
the hottest combination sewing and embroidery machine in the Q-Series family! With such fun features such as the automatic thread trimming system which allows you to cut every jump stitch, the large workspace, the Automatic Height Adjuster (AHA) feature and the Pivot functional, the Innov-ís NQ3600D makes for easy sewing and can create beautiful quilting projects. If that wasn’t enough, here are some other features that will make this machine a fan favorite:
  • 291 built-in stitches and 5 sewing lettering fonts
  • 233 built-in embroidery designs, including 35 designs featuring Disney characters, 140 frame pattern combinations, and 11 embroidery lettering fonts
  • 4.85" color LCD touch screen display
  • Automatic thread cutter automatically cuts the upper and lower thread
  • Enhanced My Custom Stitch feature with the ability to combine and edit custom and built-in sample stitches
As embroidery continues to top the charts as the one of today’s leading crafting trends, we are excited to introduce the Innov-ís NQ1600E
, the newest embroidery-only machine in the Q-Series line. This durable and affordable wonder is sure to be your favorite DIY partner as you embellish and personalize everything from home décor, vintage goods and so much more. And, the automatic feed thread cutting system allows you to cut every jump stitch. Other features to enhance the embroidery experience include:
  • 198 built-in embroidery designs, 140 frame pattern combinations, and 11 embroidery lettering fonts
  • Automatic feed thread cutting cuts thread between color stitch blocks for your convenience.
  • Large 6" x 10" embroidery area
  • 8.3" from needle to area
  • 4.85″ color LCD touch screen display
  • Automatic thread cutter automatically cuts the upper and lower thread
  • Embroider designs at up to 850 stitches per minute
  • On-screen editing includes letter editing, enhanced zoom, resizing, rotating, repositioning and combining designs
If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, all at an affordable price, then look no further than the latest addition to the Q-Series line, the Innov-ís NQ575PRW
This lightweight machine is the ultimate classroom machine which boasts improved sewing with longer feed dogs for better stability. Included in this machine is a stitch combination feature so you can add personalized stitching to your projects and make each one unique. Other features on NQ575PRW include:
  • 100 built-in sewing stitches, including 7 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes and 4 sewing lettering fonts
  • 8.3" from needle to arm
  • 2.4" easy view touch screen LCD display
  • Automatic thread cutter cuts the upper and lower thread
  • Improved sewing with longer feed dogs and enhanced fabric control
  • Personalize your stitches with the stitch combination feature
  • Manual thread tension feature so you can make adjustments to suit different weights of thread
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment to easily adjust the pressure to accommodate various types of fabrics
Now, we are really excited about these next two products - we have two cover stitch machines that will top off your designs with beauty and ease – the CV3440 Cover Stitch and the CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch. That’s right….a Double Sided Cover Stitch! With the versatile CV3440 Cover Stitch Machine
, you can create a wide range of cover stitches as it can be used on many types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications. As you sew hems or add decorative stitching to your projects, the cover stitch will appear on the bottom side of the fabric, while a top stitch will show on the top side of the fabric. Here are some top features of the CV3440:
  • Tri-cover (6mm), wide cover (6mm), narrow (3mm) cover and chain stitching capacity
  • Large 6.1" x 3.9" workspace
  • One-touch lever tension release for easy removal of fabric
  • Fast and easy looper threading system
  • Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality
  • Dial adjustments for stitch length, conveniently located on right hand side
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment dial
Are you looking for more? Well, we’ve got you covered! The CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch
machine offers all the features of the CV3440, plus an additional top cover stitch to give you three additional stitches for an even more professional look. When the cover spreader is engaged, a cover stitch will appear on both the top and bottom sides of the fabric. Features include:
  • Double-sided Tri-cover (6mm), double-sided wide cover (6mm), double-sided narrow (3mm) cover stitches, tri-cover (6mm), wide cover (6mm), narrow (3mm), and standard chain stitching capacity
  • Large 6.1" x 3.9" workspace
  • One-touch lever tension release
  • Easy to follow lay-in threading
  • Fast and easy looper and cover spreader threading
  • Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality
  • Dial adjustments for stitch length conveniently found on right hand side
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment dial
If you have ever dreamed of having the virtually perfect quilting machine, well, we here at Brother have made your dreams come true. THE Dream Quilter 15S
has a large throat for bigger quilts, which makes it the perfect machine to dedicate to free-motion quilting. And, with up to 1,800 stitches per minute and a large LCD touch screen display, quilters will be empowered more than ever to fuel their passion. And if you love THE Dream Quilter 15S, you’ll love it even more when you pair it with THE Dream Carousel Cabinet
Remember, when you’re ready to move to THE Dream Frame, THE Dream Quilter 15S can also make the transition with the optional Frame Kit. Top Features
  • 15" W x 8" H workspace
  • Up to 1,800 stitches per minute
  • 5" LCD touch screen display with front or side mount options
  • Foot pedal with programmable Heel-Kick
  • Manual needle threading
  • Dual-cone thread holders
  • Built-in bobbin winder for large capacity M-Class bobbins
  • 6 bright LED lights
  • Machine includes a free-motion quilting foot and 10 quilting machine needles
You don’t have to be a pro to experience the wonder of this exciting new quilting frame. THE Dream Frame PRO
will become the quilting frame of choice for home hobbyists, entrepreneurs, quilters and fabric embellishers everywhere. With an innovative modular frame system that is available in either 10-feet or an expanded 12-foot with the optional 2-foot extension kit, THE Dream Frame PRO is compatible with a vast number of domestic Brother machines from small to large, and can also be adjusted to fit machines with throat spaces from 8” to 15”. Top Features
  • 10' wide professional quilting frame (adjustable width from 5-feet, 67" to 12-feet, 128")
  • Sturdy steel/cast alloy construction
  • SureTrack™ Dual-Wheel System
  • Height adjustable legs (38" to 50")
  • Set-up as 5', 7’, 10’ or 12’ size quilting frame
  • Optional 2' extension expands this frame to maximum of 12'
Need to shed some light on a project? Well then, THE Dream Light Bar 5
and THE Dream Light Bar 10
can help light the way. These light bars are the perfect solutions for virtually any project, adding light precisely where you need it. Both Light Bars are made to fit perfectly over quilting frames, sewing tables or work areas, and are height adjustable. With TRUE-COLOR light-balanced bulbs that enhance the surface details of your projects, all while reducing glare and softening shadows, you will see the light (and the difference) THE Dream Light Bar can make. Meanwhile, THE Dream Frame PRO Moving Rail
is a patented gliding rail that is designed for THE Dream Frame PRO and can be used with THE Dream Quilter 15 mid-arm machine. This allows for up to 4" of additional quilting space. The optional moving rail will maximize your entire quilting area, automatically sensing when THE Dream Quilter 15 is moved to the front of the frame, and then shifting the rail up in the machine throat to allow for a full stroke. Need to go big? Now you can with THE Dream Frame PRO
which can be expanded to 12' with this optional 2' extension kit. It has height-adjustable legs and a dual-wheel track for improved carriage motion. “This year’s lineup is testament to how Brother is committed to giving its customers what they want,” said Juniche Horie, Vice President of Brother International Corporation and the head of the company’s Home Appliance Division. “Our dedication to cutting-edge innovation and state-of-the-art technology is built into every machine. We are proud to introduce our new machines to our loyal customers and hope to welcome new customers to our dedicated Brother family of enthusiasts.” All the machines that were on display here in Orlando were met with exciting and positive reviews. And we can’t wait until you try one out (or several!) for yourself! Because at Brother, we want to Power Your Creativity! For more details on the new lineup of machines, please visit
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