VIDEO: 4 point Placement, Fill, Stretch, Center

How to use THE Dream Motion™ Software:

Select & Sew: 4-pt Placement, Fill, Stretch, Center

THE Dream Motion™ Automation Software provides a top-of-the-line automated quilting experience, offering versatility which works for both beginners and pros. Developed exclusively to work with THE Dream Fabric Frame’s fabric management and Zone to Zone quilting process, it’s as easy as select, place and sew. The intuitive layout allows you to create, design, edit layout and quilt with precision. Choose the software package that’s right for you from the two software options that may best suit your quilting automation needs. Select either The Dream Motion™ Software OR upgrade to The Dream Motion™ PRO. 4-point Placement photo In this video you will learn about the following features of THE Dream Motion™ Quilting Automation Software & THE Dream Motion™ PRO Quilting Automation Software used on the Dream Fabric Frame.


Select & Sew:
  • 4-Point Placement
  • Fit, Stretch & Center

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