My Latest Dream THE Dream Fabric Frame

Intro Post
The first impression I got, right after the frame was assembled, was how wonderfully compact it is. Unlike other frames on the market with their "intimidating monster long arm", it didn't require a huge area, or dominate my sewing room. THE Dream Fabric Frame
measures only 3' x 5'; its sleek compact design enhance my work area, rather than overwhelm it. I was excited to start working on it and am still stunned at how fast and easy it is to load and use. How many times have we seen new products, that when demonstrated look easy, but when we get them home, well....not so easy after all? Well, THE Dream Fabric Frame
was just as easy at home as it ever was in demos I'd seen. Not just easy, but, (if you'll pardon the pun) a dream! Quilting on my domestic machine, I never really conquered straight line quilting
very well, and that's what I'm playing with now. With some wonderful free motion quilting rulers, I'm able to achieve those luscious straight lines I so coveted! With my spikes quilts, I can assure you, they make a huge difference! If you haven't seen the frame yet, or better yet, if you haven't sat down and played on one, you simply can't imagine how easy and fun it is to get the satisfaction of quilting your own quilt with astounding results! Walk, no, run to your nearest Brother Dealer and try THE Dream Fabric Frame
; it will be the best quilty decision you've made in years! [gallery columns="5" ids="1154,1152"]
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