Part 2: DIY Spa Gift Collection

For Part 2 of the DIY Spa Gift Collection, a monogrammed drawstring pouch and an embroidered towel are next. Click here to view Part 1!

Drawstring Pouch Supplies:

Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Cut out your materials and press.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
Tip: Use the hoop template to get an idea of where you want the design to be. I also included the trim I planned to use for the drawstring casing and the hem allowance. That way you can determine the placement and size of the embroidered design.
  • Use the template to mark center points of where you will want the design to be with a fabric marking tool.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Cut the stabilizer to equal the top part of the pouch.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Hoop the front/top part with the stabilizer underneath.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts

Set your machine up to embroider:

  • I used the built-in frame designs the SE625
    has to offer. I did the outer frame first and then added the monogram after. This is a personal preference, you can do either or, but I feel it is easier to adjust the letter to fit inside the frame.
  • Adjust the size and placement of where you want the frame to be with the touchscreen arrows. Use the markings from the previous step as a guideline.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Embroider the frame.
  • Then go back to the embroidery designs and pick the monogram you’d like for the center. From here you will use the touch screen to adjust the size and location.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Embroider the monogram.


  • Set your machine up to sew.
  • Once the embroidery is finished, remove the water-soluble stabilizer and jump stitches.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Press over the ends ¼” and hem into place.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Cut the trim for drawstring casing, so it’s about 1” away from each side. So, 5” for each if you use fray check on the ends. If you want to sew a hem, then add an additional ½” total. You will need a casing for both front and back sides.
  • Pin the trim about 1.5” from the top edge making sure it’s visually even with sides. Topstitch along the top and bottom edge (1/16” from the edge).
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Fold so right sides are facing and sew ½” seam allowance down both sides.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Now all that’s left to do is add the drawstring cording. Use a safety pin on the end of the cording and string through the front and then through the back side of the casing.
  • Pull, so the cords are equal on each side and knot the ends to form a drawstring pouch.
Drawstring Pouch Bath Salts
  • Add some bath salts or little gifts to place in the bag.

Embroidered Towel Supplies:

Set up your machine to embroider:

Embroider Towel Spa Day Embroider Towel Spa Day
  • This is another hoopless embroidery project like we did for the eye mask.
  • Hoop Pacesetter Medium Weight Tear-Away Stabilizer so the adhesive side will be up once you remove the top layer. Once hooped, remove the top layer to expose the adhesive.
Embroider Towel Spa Day
  • Place the towel onto the adhesive, so it sticks.
Tip: Use a water-soluble stabilizer as a topper. Place it directly over the portion you plan to embroider. You can use an embroidery adhesive spray to make sure it sticks if necessary. This will help the embroidery thread stand out on top amongst the fuzzy towel material.

Choose the embroidery design

  • I went with another monogram. When doing this project, I decided the placement with the touchscreen. I picked the corner I wanted to do and placed the towel directly onto the adhesive stabilizer. From there I was able to move the design with the touch screen arrows and pick the size and placement. It was the easiest of the 3 projects.
Embroider Towel Spa Day

Embroider the towel

Embroider Towel Spa Day
  • Remove the jump stitches and tear-away stabilizer. For the water-soluble stabilizer, I like to trim around the edge and then agitate it in water to remove the excess.
There are a lot of ways you can customize this DIY Spa Collection for many people in your life. I think this would be a great Mother’s Day gift (for myself included…).