Make Your Own DIY Personalized Party Napkins

-Brother Sews Blogger


A perfect way to celebrate a summer soiree is by making your tablescape look as good as your meal. Why not put your creativity on display and create personalized DIY napkins for your next event? These gorgeous hand-crafted napkins are sure to make your guests smile. The DIY napkins are also great name place cards and they make a very special take home gift.


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Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine
Cotton fabric in coordinating colors and patterns
Rotary cutter and straight edge
Measure tape
Straight pins

You can finish the napkins at whatever size you prefer, I made mine a 20 x 20 inch square. You will need enough fabric to make double sided napkins for each guest at your party. I get 4 napkin sides out of 1 yard and a ¼ piece of fabric. Pick your fabric and get creative mixing patterns and solids.
To start, cut 20.5” x 20.5” squares of fabric – you will need 2 squares per napkin. I used a lighter print for the inside and solid color for the outer layer. The solid outer layer is where I placed the embroidery.
At the embroidery machine, create your design; choose from the built-in embroidery designs your machine already has or go to to find more.  Be sure to add the guest’s name into the design. Where you place the napkin will also be where the guest will sit for the party.
Hoop up your fabric and start the embroidery process.


When all of the embroidery is complete for each napkin, switch out your embroidery machine to the sewing function.
To sew the napkins together, lay the front and back fabric pieces together with the right sides facing each other.
Sew around the outer edge leaving a 3-inch opening. Clip the corners and turn the two pieces right sides out.
Turn the raw edges in and press flat.
Choose a decorative stitch from your built-in stitch selection and top stitch all the way around. Top stitch all the personalized napkins. Press.
And your project is complete. Each guest can find their seat at the table from their personalized napkin; and they can also take it home as a very thoughtful party favor.