Quick Tip: Change Your Machine Needle Regularly

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Change your machine needles regularly (not yearly.) Bent, dull or burred needles can cause skipped stitches, thread breaks, and tear or pull your fabric. Taking care of your machine is easier than you may think, this includes changing your needle regularly. (The necessary tool even came with your machine!) It's also important to use the correct needle for your project as it can make all of the difference in the end results. Not sure how to change the needle in your sewing machine? We've got you covered in this Video Tip!

Sewing Machine Needle Basics

Has it been a while since you changed your needle or perhaps you've never changed it because you're afraid you won't be able to get new needle in? Have no fear! Follow along as Angela Wolf discusses the basics about sewing machine needles and shows you how to change the needle in your Brother Sewing Machine
. In addition to the changing of your machine needle, Angela talks about various different kinds of needles in this video. She starts with the basics:
  • Regular needles sizes 70/10 and 80/12
  • Denim needles sizes 100/16 and 75/11
  • Stretch needles
She also discusses a simple way to determine how to choose your needle (hint: How thick is your fabric?) Be sure to click through for this video!