This will be our first-time hosting Thanksgiving in our new home, so I thought it would be fun to create a table runner to make for the occasion. I wanted to make a conversational piece to get the kids thinking about what they’re thankful for. My boys and I wrote down what they’re grateful for to add to our table runner and using the Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery machine
and the built-in designs from my SE1900, I think it turned out unique and fun. Get the details below on how to make your own “Thankful Table Runner” below.


  1. A table runner is just a large rectangle of fabric. I had a strip of burlap fabric that measured 12” x 41”. This is a good size for a small table runner. You can make this as wide or as long as you need. I did hem the edges so add ½” on each edge for hem allowance.
  1. Hoop one end of the burlap with Pacesetter Medium Tear Away stabilizer. This is a good time to use my 5” x 12” hoop. That way I can embroidery more surface area without having to re-hoop and stabilize each time.
  1. For the embroidery pattern, I used the built-in leaf on my SE1900. I also used the lettering. This machine allows me to add designs together. Then I used the rotating and size altering features to adjust the leaves placement. I saved this template to use over again and then just edited the words each time.
Note: For the lettering I used the array feature to make some of the words curved.
  1. Embroidery away!
  1. When re-hooping, make sure to overlap just slightly so you don’t have a wide space between each set.
  1. Once you’ve completed embroidery, press the edges over ¼” and press again ¼” and sew the hem into place.
There you have it! A Thankful Table Runner just in time for the holidays!