Ultimate New Year's Eve Sew A Long: A Chic Fringe Tastic Clutch

I’ve sewn plenty of New Year's Eve garments from jackets to dresses and even sequin pants, so, this year I wanted to mix things up and go for an accessory. A purse or handbag is always something you need for celebrating the occasion. I wanted something small that I could wear over my shoulder and not have to worry about holding all evening. I came up with this drawstring purse with fringe detailing. Get the details below and sew your own!

Supply list:

  • Brother SE1900
  • 1/2 yard sequin fabric
  • 1/2 yard liner fabric (I'm using satin)
  • 3 yards of strapping
  • 1 yard thin string
  • 1/2 yard fringe trim
  • general sewing/cutting supplies

Begin by cutting out your pattern:

  • 2 Exterior 10” x 10.5”
  • 2 Liner 10” x 10.5”

Cut 1.5” squares off the bottom corners of all pieces.

  • You can alter the size to be smaller or larger. This is a smaller purse that will fit a phone and wallet.
  • For the main exterior. I am using a sequin fabric. For the liner I’m using a satin.
  • I did not use interfacing because my fabric was medium weight. I also wanted the bag to have a slouchy, soft feel. If you plan on using a lighter weight fabric you may want to use interfacing on the back of the exterior or liner.
  • Sew the liner at the sides and the bottom. You will need to leave a 2 -3” opening at the center of one of the sides.
  • For the exterior. If you want to use a fringe trim you will want to sandwich it in between the front and back. I am using a 6” fringe chainette trim. Baste stitch on one side if necessary. Make sure when you sew the sides and bottom together the fringe doesn’t get caught. I like to use a small rubber band or bobby pin to keep the fringe together. Sew the exterior sides and bottom right sides together.
  • Flip the main exterior right sides out.
  • For the main, mark off the center front and 2” down. Place 2 eyelets with a ½” between the eyelets. You can also use the eyelet or button hole feature on your sewing machine.
  • Place the main inside the liner so right sides are facing.
  • Sew them together at the top (1/4” seam allowance).
  • Flip right sides out through the liner opening.
  • Press top down and edge stitch along the top.
  • Topstitch another 1” down to create a casing for the drawstring.
  • Use a small safety pin and weave string through for the drawstring tie (Mine was 30”).
  • Measure out the length you’d like the strap to be. Pin on the side seams and topstitch the strap on the stitch marks from the edge stitch and the one you formed the casing. Making sure to leave the opening for the drawstring.
Now you have a disco ball worthy purse to celebrate the New Years with!