Ultimate New Year's Eve Sew A Long: Stylish Holiday Napkins

A nice compliment to the New Years Eve Celebration Cocktail Coasters,
these stylish holiday napkins are festive and bright with just the right amount of fireworks!

Requirements for one napkin:

  • Brother embroidery/sewing machine
  • 4 x 4 frame
  • One 9” square contrasting cotton, pre-washed, starched, pressed
  • One 8” square white linen pre-washed, starched, pressed
  • One 8” square Brother SA540
    water soluble stabilizer
  • Lightweight tearaway stabilizer
  • iBroidery.com: Fireworks Design DC HY0782 “4th of July”
  • Threads: embroidery thread in 3 colors for fireworks design, fine cotton thread matching colored fabric for hemstitching and construction
  • Needles: #75 for construction and embroidery, #100 or #120 wing for hemstitching, #7 crewel for weaving floss
  • Notions: Silver embroidery floss, point turner, soap sliver or chalk marker


1. Center linen and stabilizer in 4 x 4 frame. 2. Embroider fireworks design. Mark center as shown on the screen with thread before removing from frame. 3. Starch and press. 4. Cut down to 4 ½” square with embroidery centered. Cut away excess stabilizer. 5. Soak to remove remaining stabilizer. Air dry or press to dry. 6. Starch and press.

Mitred Border

7. Fold and press ½” to wrong side of cotton square. Repeat remaining 3 sides. 8. Fold and press 1” along each side of cotton square. 9. Open 1” fold. Mark 2” from corner on each side. With fine chalk marker or soap sliver, draw line joining two marks. 10. Fold right sides together matching marks with line exposed. Pin on either side of line.
Note: Check to make sure the fold comes to the point. If not, readjust so that it does.
11. Begin stitching in reverse ¼” before ½” folded edge then continue forward. At opposite folded edge, backstitch. 12. Trim seam to ¼”. Clip the point. Press open. Repeat on remaining 3 corners. 13. Turn hem right side out. Use point turner for crisp point. Press 1” hem. 14. Mark napkin center with chalk or soap. 15. Slip embroidered linen under hem, with a straight pin penetrating embroidery center and napkin center. 16. Pin linen in place under mitred border. Baste in place ¼” from folded edge. 17. Insert wing needle. Thread needle BY HAND with fine cotton thread which matches contrasting cotton fabric. 18. Select blanket stitch #203 from menu 2 on Dream Machine. Adjust settings to width 2.5, length 3.0. Engage the mirror image feature so you can sew with the bulk of the napkin to the left of the needle. Attach open toe foot. 19. Sew blanket stitch along colored hem to secure in place. The repeated forward and back stitches are in the linen. The single “reach” stitch penetrates the colored hem. If napkin has been starched and pressed adequately, no stabilizer is necessary. If you have doubt, use a lightweight stabilizer. 20. Weave silver floss with #70 crewel needle through blanket stitch holes. Celebrate the New Year!

Happy Holidays!