Video: Updating THE Dream Machine

I was thrilled to see an upgrade for THE Dream Machine by Brother that offers more stitch patterns, a cursive font, 50 exclusive embroidery patterns and more editing capabilities; plus, you receive a 9 ½” by 9 ½” embroidery hoop in the box!  At the time of this writing there are two upgrades available for The Dream Machine.  I am going to walk you through upgrading with THE Dream Machine Premium Pack I Upgrade.
Upgrade to Premium Pack 1 Before you get started, check to see if your sewing machine has the latest updates.  Check out my blog post on updating THE Dream Machine.
Once your machine is up to date, you are ready to install the software for Premium Pack 1. I have put together a quick video tutorial for you to follow along.

Watch Video:

[youtube id="ngeS_256rvA"] I hope you enjoy all the new embroidery designs! Be sure to click on My Design Center and check out all the new shapes, the extra fill designs, and the hoop option for adding a fill.  Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Angela angelas-sig