Embellished Project Bags with Decorative Stitching

So I decided that I wanted to sew some project bags using vinyl and denim, but I wanted to jazz them up somehow. I didn't feel like piecing or weaving or anything beyond using a single panel of denim. Then I remembered that Chet, my Brother CS7130 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, had a bunch of fancy stitches that I hadn’t used that would be perfection. And my pursuit of creating a jazzy textile for my project bags began.

Machine Used

Brother CS7130 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Fabric of choice
  • Contrast thread
  • Fabrics & Thread Used by Moi

    All fabrics are Solid Textured Denim from Art Gallery Fabrics
    and threads are Cotton 28wt Aurifil.
  • Scarlet Brick – Spun Gold
  • Bluebottle Field – Mustard
  • Canyon Sunset – Very Dark Navy
  • Getting Started with Decorative Stitching

    I had the three colors of denim listed above with each giving me an opportunity to come up with a new design. For all three colors, I decided on a combination of two unique stitches sewn 15 mm apart using a contrast thread. [NOTE: The measurement boxes on the machine near the needle are 5 mm apart, so I used those for 15 mm & 30 mm and then for 45 mm I added a piece of washi tape.] The red was first because I was feeling all festive and chose a gold thread. The machine has these neato leave and branch variations, so I went with the 63/68 combo. The next was blue and I went with the traditional yellow/orange top stitch color that you see on most jeans. As I was perusing the various stitches on the panel, I noticed a bunch of squared quilty ones, so I picked 60 and 61 and went for it. Although I didn’t expect it, when it was done it resembled traditional Greek Design Patterns, which I thought was pretty rad. The final was the mustard denim and I chose a navy thread because those two colors together are like Bert & Ernie. The final stitches on the panel are these super cool square curly cue things. Choosing 98 and 99, I went full speed ahead and came out with a design that can only be described as A+ awesome.

    Final Thoughts

    And look at what it did to what would otherwise be a basic project bag. And like I’ve used these for my project bags, but the application of these stitches are endless and my brain has already begun churning with ideas: pockets, cuffs, variegated thread, quilt binding, sleeves, pillows, different thread colors.

    How Do You Use Decorative Stitching?

    My head is about to explode I’m so excited!!! So basically expect to see a lot more of this in my projects. And I hope to see in some of yours as well! Oooooh. Ooooooh. Also, if you’ve got any ideas on how to use these stitches, share them in the comments so I can steal them...Please and Thank You!
    • Solid Textured Denim is an Art Gallery Fabrics product and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such product.

    • Cotton 28wt Aurifil thread is an Aurifil product and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such product.