Video: How to Finish Serger Threads

Intro Post
I love my Brother Simplicity SB3734T
serger sewing machine… I mean I really, really love it! If I had to choose one machine that one would be my pick. I know it can’t do everything, but it can really do so much. Over the years I have developed a system to easily and efficiently finish those serger seams and today, I’m going to show you three easy ways to finish serger seams (so all your hard work stays in place). One way is to finish the ends of your threads using a serger, a second way is to finish the loose serger threads is to use a large-eyed darning needle, and lastly, another simple method is to use your regular sewing machine with a zig zag stitch to finish any loose ends (I used my Brother NS1750D).
See the video for all these methods in action! [youtube id="SubMGEGzhZw"] Which of these methods do you use? Any? All? One not even listed here? I’d love to know how you finish your serger seams. These are the ways that I am familiar with and have used but I’m sure they are not the only ways. Happy Sewing! Here is Emily's Serger Video Blog as a PDF file!