Technique: How to Gather Fabric Sewing Tutorial

-Brother Sews Blogger

This sewing tutorial will walk you through five different ways to gather fabric. Learn how to use your serger or Brother sewing machine to gather fabric for your next sewing project.
Supplies and tools:1

● A pattern that requires gathering
-A great project for practice on different fabric types is this tulle and cotton skirt

● Fabric for your chosen pattern
Brother Sewing machine or Serger (Brother Simplicity Limited Editionis utilized in this video)
● Cord or string for cord method {optional}

The video tutorial details the five different ways I’m going to demonstrate gathering fabric. The final results are shown here in the photo. From left to right. 
1. Three parallel gathering stitches.
2. One gathering stitch.
3. Tight tension gathering.
4. Cord and zig zag gathering.
5. Serger gathering.
Depending on the fabric you are using, different gathering methods may be useful.

For thinner fabric {tulle, chiffon, etc} the serger or tight tension method is simple and easy.

For thicker fabric {denim, twill, etc} the corn zig-zag method or three parallel gathering stitches are probably good options. After watching the tutorial video you can decide which method will work best for the project you are working on.

These are my go-to gathering methods. What is your favorite method for gathering? Do you go with the fastest method? The one that works the best? The one you were first taught? I do a mix of fast and easy and what I know will work best for the project I have. Like any other sewing related skill if you don’t have success right away with gathering, keep practicing. It will get easier and faster with time and practice. If you have a method you love that I didn’t mention here, make sure to share in the comments so I can add it to my master list.