Spooky Reversible Halloween Table Décor

Our table seems to be the focus for decorating for seasons and holidays, simply because changing a table runner or placemat is quick and easy! For Halloween, we have candles and candy so I thought a reversible table décor would offer more decorating options. This is an embroidery in the hoop project using the Brother Luminaire XP1,
but you can make a variation using a few other Brother embroidery machines as well.


  • ½ yard of black satin fabric
  • ½ yard of lace or decorative tulle fabric (mine is spider lace from Joann fabrics)
  • ½ yard of orange satin fabric
  • ½ yard of batting
  • ½ yard of medium weight tearaway stabilizer
  • Orange and black embroidery thread
  • Black bobbin thread
  • Scissors
  • Hand sewing needle


1. In the settings, choose the 272x408mm hoop size (the largest hoop 😊) 2. Click on embroidery and choose the Q quilt box sets. 3. Pick a design, any design and click SET. I chose design #012.
Note: Looking for additional Quilting designs, check out the Luminaire upgrade.
4. Pick either of these, both have a unique look. 5. Fill in the settings. My settings are the following; #1: 200 / #2: 250 / #3: 30 6. Save to the MEMORY. 7. Open the new design. Click SIZE and adjust the rectangle as desired. I want to make room for Happy Halloween to fit in the middle. 8. Click on the STIPPLING icon. 9. Adjust the settings as desired; I left the standard setting. 10. Click ADD. Choose a FONT “Happy Halloween”. 11. Click EDIT and ROTATE the text. 12. Choose the embroidery color. 13. Hoop: medium weight tearaway stabilizer on the bottom, batting in the middle, and black satin fabric on the top. 14. Embroider. 15. Leave everything in the hoop and layer the lace or tulle fabric with right side facing down. 16. Place the orange satin fabric with right side down. Insert the hoop back into the embroidery machine. 17. Choose My Design Center. 18. Click on the SHAPE icon. 19. Choose hoop size 272x408mm. Click on the SQUARE SHAPE shown below. 20. Change the SIZE to the widest and longest that will fit inside the hoop. 21. Choose the ERASER function. 22. ERASE 4 to 5 inches on the longer side of the rectangle. 23. Choose the outline for a straight stitch. Embroider. 24. Remove the fabric and trim ¼” from the stitch line, except leave about ½’ in the opening area. 25. Turn the fabric right side out. Tuck in the opening and press. Hand stitch the opening closed. That’s it! A quick decoration to add a little Halloween décor. This turned out so cute and I have a little extra fabric left. I think I am going to follow these steps and make a couple of coasters or a mug rug to match. Leave me a comment below and let me know if you are going to try this. Be sure to tag us #angelawolf #brothersews if you post photos, always love to see what you are working on. Happy Halloween! Angela angelas-sig