I love taking patterns I already own and recreating them with a new twist. It’s a quick and easy way to enhance my wardrobe. I’ve created several neckline hacks for this sweatshirt pattern, and today I have a button neckline hack you can use with any drop shoulder pattern. Maybe you have a pattern already in your stash that’s perfect for this pattern hack! pink shirt with buttons   Don’t you love how this looks? The buttons are actually functional as well, so you can create an assortment of different looks by adjusting the buttons.   author wearing shirt   This is actually a pretty easy sewing hack, and if you can sew a button you can make this shirt. I created a button tutorial a few months ago that you can see here : http://blog.brothersews.com/sewing/make-buttonholes-and-sew-buttons/
  Button Shoulder Pattern Hack Supplies: Grab your fabric and pattern and let’s get creative.   shirt and buttons   I traced my size onto tissue paper. Here is what it looks like unedited. You can see what the drop shoulder shape looks like here. Now, let’s change it up just a bit to make our button neckline. tissue paper cut out   I wanted the neckline to be a bit wider so I could add more buttons, so I lengthened the shoulder by 1” and then took 1” off the sleeve. You will need to adjust the curve just a bit where the arm and body meet. folded tissue paper   Now let’s adjust the neckline. This pattern was made to just have a neck band, so the curve needs to be adjusted for this look. The red lines show the original front and back neckline and the black shows the new lines. On the back I curved the neck and shoulder apex, and on the front I eliminated all sharp lines. The button binding needs to flow smoothly. curved neckline   Here is my back cut from fabric and you can see the shoulder extension as well. back of shirt   And here is how the front curved neckline looks. curved neckline   Cut button facings with the stretch going the long way, they should be 2.5” wide.  Make sure the facings are long enough to cover the entire curved neckline. Cut two, one for the front and one for the back. cut button facings   Cut the fusible interfacing to match the facings. fusible interfacing   Fuse the interfacing to the back side of the facings. iron on interfacing   Check to make sure the fabric facings still have a bit of stretch. If they are too stiff it will not lay nicely on the neckline. fabric in hands   Fold the facing in half with the long sides together and the right sides out. Pin  or clip the facing to the curved neckline back and front. Sew with your serger and then press the seam allowance over to the shirt side. pins on fabric   Place the facings one on top of each other with the front of the shirt on top. Baste the facings together. baste facings together   Attach the sleeves to the shoulder edge at this point in the process. This will hold the neck together while you add the buttons. attach sleeves to shirt   Pin the neck facings together and then lay out the buttons to see what you want. There should be a couple of inches between each one. You can put it over your head to measure how far you want the buttons to come in towards your neck. pin buttons   Mark the button placement on each side of the shoulder. mark button placement   Sew button holes on each of the markings on the top facing. Use the easy buttonhole foot on your sewing machine to make button holes simple. Lay the facing one on top of the other and mark through the center to show where to sew the buttons. sewn button holes   Repeat with the other shoulder. pinned fabric   Then sit back and enjoy your super awesome button shoulders. finished garment with buttons   Super cute right? The waffle fabric is just perfection, but so many other fabrics would be great for this pattern hack too. finished shirt   Does this inspire you to hack one of your favorite patterns? I hope so! I love recreating patterns and I hope you will give it a chance too. finished shirt worn CLICK HERE FOR PDF!