Embroidered Apron using Recycled Denim

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Aprons are a staple in the kitchen, and they have become quite a fashion statement over the years. Take your creative genius from the kitchen to the craft room and create your own personalized apron. Brother provides all the right products to get every sewing and craft project complete. So why not start with this festive apron and then make one for all of your cooking adventures. With this easy, sew-it-yourself apron project you can go from home cook to top chef! (photo 1)


-Brother sewing and embroidery machine (photo 2)

-1 yard of decorative fabric
-1 yard of fabric for the lining
-Denim scraps
-Craft paper for the pattern
-Cotton twill tape
-Rotary cutter & straight edge
-Measuring tape  
-Straight pins

To create the pattern, draw out an apron pattern. You will want the bottom to be about 28 inches wide and the top to be about 10 inches wide. The length can vary depending on where you want it to fall. (photo 4)  
You can also use an apron that you already have as your template for a pattern. Simply fold the apron in half lengthwise and trace around it on paper to make your pattern. (photo 5)

Fold your fabric in half and lay the long edge of the pattern on the fold. (photo 6)

Out of the decorative fabric, cut one piece for the front of the apron (photo 7) and cut one piece for the back of the apron. Be sure to wash and dry your fabric first.  (photo 8)

Cut 3 pieces of denim from your scraps.
1 will be used for the personalized part and the other two pieces for pockets. (photo 9)

Leave the embroidered piece a bit larger so it fits comfortably in the embroidery hoop. You can trim it to size later.

Cut (2) 8 x 8 squares from the denim scraps – these will be used as pockets –  keep the original hemmed edge to use as the top of the pocket.  (photo 10)

Once you’ve decided on the design, start the embroidery process.  There are loads of designs available on-line or you can create your own using the unique fonts on your Brother embroidery machine, or visit Ibroidery.com for even more ideas. (photos 11, 12, 13)

When the embroidery is done take it off the machine and trim it to fit the apron bib and pin in place. (photo 14)

Place the two extra denim pieces on the front of the apron for pockets and pin in place.  

Back at the Brother sewing machine, choose a decorative stitch to use to topstitch the denim pieces on. (photo 16) Test a few decorative stitches  out on a scrap piece of denim to see what you like best. (photo15)

One you decide on a design, topstitch the denim pieces in place. (photos 17 & 18)

To add the apron strings, cut the twill tape into 4 pieces – 2 for the neck and 2 for the waist. (photo 19) Lay the front piece of fabric with the now sewn on denim, face up and add the twill tape. (photo 20) Pin the twill tape to the top of the bib and to the sides of the apron. Lay the twill tape right sides facing in. (photo 21)

Lay the piece of lining fabric over the top of it all with the right sides together.  Pin in place on 3 sides leaving the bottom open so you can modify with the length. (photo 22)

Sew the front and the back together on three sides using a 5/8 seam allowance. Leave the bottom open so you can adjust the length. (photo 23)  

Turn the apron right side out and press flat.  

Determine the length you prefer; you can cut the excess if needed. Fold it in, press, pin and topstitch closed. (photo 25) Then continue topstitching all the way around with a regular running stitch. (photo 26)

To finish the twill tape apron string, fold the raw edges over twice and sew them in place. The ends will be a reinforced square. (photo 24)

Finish the apron with a warm iron to press.

This specialty apron also makes a spectacular housewarming gift. (photo 28)

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