BES 4 Video Tutorial: Creating a Word Collage

This is the second in a series of blog post highlighting the functions that Power Pack 2
add to the BES 4 program.
If you love creating Word Collages for embroidery, you can now create coordinating Word Collages for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl (PSV) in the BES 4 program. This takes Word collage to a whole new level. Or create Word Collages for a Vinyl application by itself. No one says you have to match. 😊 There isn’t artwork that matches all the accents in BES 4, but you can trace around the different shapes to create as I did with the feet above. They don’t have to match exactly, they can coordinate. Have fun playing with Word Collage in Artwork Mode. I think you will find that your creative possibilities have been expanded greatly. [youtube id="QxTQBsIwqzI"] Create Something Fun Today! Cindy