BES 4 Video Tutorial: Layering Alignment and Separate Layers

Intro Post
Creating Layered Adhesive Vinyl is so much easier when you have BES 4 Power Pack 2,
Cutting tools. The software will automatically add alignment marks and weeding squares around each color when you choose Layering Alignment. When used in combination with Separate Layer, the layers are separated by color and saved as individual files all at one time. This is one of my favorite features of Power Pack 2 and a big-time saver. You can create complex layered Pressure Sensitive Vinyl projects that are much easier to put together than using the eyeball method. Some tips for you when putting together the Vinyl after you have cut all the layers. 1. You are essentially making a sticker to transfer onto another surface 2. Make sure you don’t lose the alignment squares when you weed away the excess vinyl. They are what makes the process easier. 3. Start with the top layer (what needs to sit on top) and work your way down to the base (foreground to background). 4. Make sure you align your squares each time and that you don’t accidentally leave them on the backing. 5. Don’t’ forget to remove the alignment marks once you have all the layers picked up on the transfer tape (you don’t want them on your final project). 6. If creating a design with HTV, you don’t have to do Layering Alignment because you won’t use the alignment marks, but I do. I use the Layering alignment with HTV because it puts weeding squares automatically around each color of vinyl. I then remove the alignment squares before I separate layers and resize the weeding squares to fit the colors.

See the video below for all the details:

[youtube id="hIvslCD2NMg"] Create something fun today! Cindy Hogan