Decorate Embroidered Candle Centerpiece

As this holiday season rolls we thought we'd bring you this tabletop centerpiece project from Angela Wolf. You can customize it to your own needs and style. And of course, be sure to keep the fabric out of the way if you light the candles!


Start by choosing a lightweight see-through fabric, such as tulle or netting. candle-4-copy

Choose a Design

The idea is to customize the candle with embroidery and then use the excess fabric to fill the centerpiece. Ideas for embroidery include a monogram, words such as "Give Thanks", "Love", "Bride", or "Happy Birthday" or a beautiful design to celebrate the season. candle-211-copy candle-214-copy candle-225-copy

Hooping the Fabric

For the blue fabric, I have chosen a decorative letter from the built in designs. candle-63-copy Enlarge the design as much as possible. candle-68-copy candle-67-copy After choosing the design, select the correct size hoop. Cut the stabilizer at least 1" larger than the hoop measurements: 1 piece of the mesh water soluble stabilizer and 1 piece of water soluble topping. candle-51-copy Open the hoop and lay the mesh water soluble stabilizer on top of the bottom hoop. candle-53 Starting in the center of the fabric, randomly fold small sections of the fabric horizontally across the hoop as shown. candle-55-copy If we were to attach the top of the hoop now, the folded layers of fabric could cause issues. The needle could get caught under the fold and tear the fabric or worse yet, jam the machine. candle-58-copy To prevent this from happening, layer a piece of water soluble topping on top of the fabric. Take care to keep the folds in place. Before tightening the hoop closed, gently pull the fabric and stabilizers to flatten as best that you can, but be careful as this fabric tears easily! candle-59-copy candle-61-2-copy

Changing the Color

I like the design of this "W", but the colors don’t really compliment the royal blue fabric I have chosen. A quick way to change this is using the COLOR SHUFFLING feature. candle-70-copy I can then choose how many colors I want to incorporate into the design. Then choose form the options of color combinations:
  • Vivid
  • Gradient
  • Soft
  • Random
The machine will automatically configure color combination based on my choices and provide illustrations so I can see exactly what the embroidery will look like. candle-72-copy Simply touch the illustration and the design is ready to go! candle-74-copy With all the layer of fabric and stabilizer it is a good idea to add a BASTING STITCH around the design. This will help to hold the layers in place as the letter emblem is embroidered. candle-76-copy That’s it! candle-82-copy candle-96-copy candle-98-copy

Prepare the Embroidery

Remove the fabric from the hoop. candle-153 Tear away the top layer of water soluble stabilizer. candle-155 candle-158-copy Cut away the bottom layer of mesh wash away stabilizer, leaving about ½” of excess stabilizer outside of the design. candle-159-copy candle-163-copy Here is a view from the right side of the fabric. candle-164-copy

Bring it all Together

Spray the mesh water soluble stabilizer with water. candle-184-copy Continue to spray until the stabilizer begins to dissolve and become tacky. candle-187-copy Align the embroidery on the candle candle-188-copy Hold the embroidery against the candle until it sticks candle-189-copy candle-191-copy Wrap the fabric around the candle and tie in a knot or bow. candle-197-copy Either trim off the excess fabric or spread out the fabric to resemble a center piece.candle-211-copycandle-229-copy That’s it! What a great gift! (And keep it in mind also for weddings and graduations!) Happy Sewing, Angela angelas-sig