How To Embroider a jacket with removable patches

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How cute is this jacket? I created this look in collaboration with my daughter and this is what we came up with. We added a large design in the center of the jacket and four removable patches around the main design. You could also use only removable patches and not have any designs directly on the jacket/tote. Depending on the size of the jacket and embroidered patches you might also want more than four patches. I think these look good in proportion to the size of my daughter.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches modeled-2

She loves that she can move the patches around and has enough to take some off and put on new patches when she wants a different look. Check out the video here showing how she changes out the patches.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches modeled-3

One happy girl! Sewing this patch jacket is super easy and I will show you how to create these removable patches below. In addition to loving this jacket, my kids are now very excited to see Disney’s Encanto. All three of my kids were super into checking out all these cute embroidery designs and talking about the characters. We are excited to see them all in action in the movie on Disney+.

Supplies and Tools:

  • Jacket or Bag
  • Neutral color fabric for patches
  • Stabilizer and Thread
  • Disney’s Encanto embroidery files {or other cut small files}
  • Hook and Loop for removable patches
  • Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Gather your embroidery supplies, plus a main item, like jacket or tote bag. We happened to have this cute jean jacket on hand.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project
If you want one main design embroidered directly onto your jacket I would start with that. Hoop the jacket with stabilizer and embroider a large main design on the center back.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-2

For the smaller patches it is a bit time consuming to create all the small patches, but I just had these going in the background for a couple of afternoons while I worked on other projects.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-4

Embroider as many small patches as you have designs for, or want to create. The smaller the better for these patches. I wanted to make sure I had more than we needed so we could change up the look of the jacket. If you plan to sew these patches all in place and not have them changeable you can only create as many as you need.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-5

I could only fit one person in my 4 x 4” hoop at a time, but I was able to move the hoop to maximize my fabric and stabilizer use.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-7

Once you are finished with all your patch designs, clip all the small threads (my least favorite part of this project!) 

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-9

Once all those threads are removed, the adorable embroidery designs are really revealed. So many cute characters! Remove the stabilizer from the back of the design by tearing or cutting (depending on what kind you used) Trim as closely as you can around the design to create the patch. If you are sewing directly onto the jacket you can hand stitch it in place at this point.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-10

To create a removable patch you will need a stiff backing. I used a fake leather I had on hand.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-11

Cut a general patch shape for each design with the backing.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-12

Cut hoop and loop strips to go on the back of the patches. You will see on our jacket we have two sizes. Small at the top, and long, thin on the bottom. We have four interchangeable big patches and four interchangeable small patches. The hook and loop should be the same for all of the same size.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-13

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-14

Measure and place the hook and loop on the back of the patch so the stitching will be covered by the embroidery design on the front.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-15

Sew in place using a wide zig-zag stitch.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-16

With wrong sides together you will now connect the patch to the backing.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-17

Use an adhesive that is fabric friendly to attach the embroidered patch to the back. Place under something heavy to dry.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-19

When the patch is dry, trim around the backing as closely as you can so you don’t see it.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-20

Repeat with all of your amazing patches.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-23

Mark and sew the other side of the hook and loop to the jacket or bag.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-21

Once you have this sewed in place now you have the fun of designing your own jacket. So many designs… so little time.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-22

Press the ones you want into place and enjoy!

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-26

A jacket that can change with your moods.

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches Project-23

Disney Encanto Jacket Patches modeled-2

Disney’s Encanto is Now Streaming on Disney+.