Isabella inspired ruffle skirt from Disney’s 'Encanto'

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There are many ways of making a tutu or ruffle tulle skirt, but I will be showing you how I made my version! One thing I love about this version is it gives me more opportunities to add small details and embroidery under the layers!


Everyone loves a classic ruffled tutu skirt! As a dad of a princess, I love making it for her as well! But this time, we will take it to the next level! As my personal motto, we take dress up to a whole new level! One reason I love doing my tutu this way is because it gives me some room for embroidery, or any 3D design you want to use!

We’ll begin by gathering all of your coupons because we are going to need a lot of tulle! For this project, we used about 40 yards!

First, we create a base skirt. If you have ever made a circle skit, this will be easy!

Let’s create the base! So I did not use the entire circle, I only used about a third of it! You can see the way I cut the base compared to a full doughnut!

Nephi Encanto Image 1

Nephi Encanto Image 3

Nephi Encanto Image 3

Nephi Encanto Image 4

This is how I measured my tulle! Feel free to customize yours according to your desired length! I’m making this to fit my 11 year old daughter! The first tier is 12” long, the second is 25” and the bottom tier is 37”

IMG_1253- Image 4

I used 25 yards for the 37”

15 yards for the 25” and 10 yards for the 12” which by the way, is the remnants from my longest tier!

After ruffling your panels, we will go ahead and sew them on our base skirt! (Iridescent)


I used my pacesetter serger because it comes with a gathering foot! Yup! You heard that right! I’m obsessed!

I sewed the 12” on the waist part of the base skirt, the 25” panel on the middle of the base, and the 37” on the bottom of the base! Once sewn, I embroidered a lot of flowers on tulle using my LB 5000!!! And yes, you read that one right as well! I can embroider on a strong tulle called power tulle or a tulle that won’t tear of your pull it apart!


After cutting them out, I sewed them on the seam of the iridescent and ruffles!

I also started placing my butterfly wall decals! We can also whip out our ScanNCut to create whatever design your heart desires!


After this is all done, I sewed a ribbon on the waist part for closure!



And this is how it looks on!


And now, for the final look! Enjoy the film today for even more adventure and inspiration.

Disney’s Encanto is Now Streaming on Disney+.

Nephi Encanto Inspired Final image