It’s almost National Pie Day (January 23rd) and you should get ready to bake up some pies with these fun double oven mitts. I love that I can keep my hands and arms protected from the heat all with this one long potholder. Plus, you can make it with cute fabric, which always makes me happy. I’ve got a fun sewing tutorial for you today that will walk you through making a double mitt potholder. Make it with fun fabric that coordinates with your kitchen and add a cute decor feature to your stove. Alright! Let’s get started sewing. For this project you will need ½ yard each of heat resistant batting and cotton batting. You also need two coordinating fabrics - ½ yard of each. The heat resistant batting will protect your hands from the heat and the cotton batting will absorb any moisture. I used my Brother Serger SB3734
and the Brother Innov-ís NS1750D
for this project. Cut a strip of each fabric 30” long and 9” wide. You will cut the same of each type of batting. Round the ends of long strips of fabric. This will be the “mitt” part of the potholder. To create the mitt part that your hand will go in, cut the fabric 9” long and 9” wide. Round the end just like the long strip on all four pieces. You will use two for each end of the double mitt. Cut 1 of each batting for these rounded squares. So, you have 4 rounded squares of fabric and 4 of batting. Now it’s time for assembly! Starting with the rounded squares, place the right sides of the fabric together and a batting piece {one of each kind} on the wrong sides. Sew the straight edge opposite the rounded side with a ⅜” seam allowance. Fold the mitt open so the batting is in the middle and the fabric is now on the outside. Top-stitch along the bottom seam and a few lines down the mitt to quilt and hold all the layers in place. Repeat with the other small pieces. Take one long strip of the fabric and place the small mitt on top. Both right sides should be facing up. Right side of long fabric up and the right side of the mitt up. Place the other long strip on top of the small mitt. Now the fabrics are all together. Place one long piece of batting on the outside of this fabric sandwich. Pin or clip all the way around the long strips. The batting should be on the outside of this pile and the fabric in the middle. Sew around the entire edge with a ⅜” seam allowance, catching all the layers. Leave a 6” opening in the middle of one straight side for turning. Turn the double mitt right side out through this opening. The small mitt on either end can be flipped to either side. Fold the seam allowance in where you left the hole for turning and sew it closed, plus topstitch both sides of the middle. You will not be able to top-stitch all the layers of the rounded end mitts as it is too thick, but you can do the two straight sides of the middle part. This completes the project!! Now you have a cute double potholder perfect for baking up a bunch of pies!!!
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