Lately, I’ve been a bit obsessed with my ScanNCut,
and I found this cute little doll quilt that turned out to be a fun sewing project. The ScanNCut
helps with the fabric cutting and, in a short time, I completed the project. And along with my Brother NS1750D,
I also tried some free motion quilting (this was a great project to try out that technique). Here’s my finished quilt, then we will dive into the tutorial. For this project, I used
  • Upload the SVG file
    to your ScanNCut software, then transfer it to your cutting machine. Use a high tack mat on top of your regular mat for the fabric.
  • Cut a 12 x 12” square of fabric and apply it smoothly to the high tack mat. Adjust the cutting blade for your fabric.
  • Load mat into machine and cut. Repeat with two other fabrics, you should have three different fabrics cut. The fourth fat quarter will be the backing.
  • Lay out your squares and triangles into the design of your choice. My doll quilt was 4 x 4 squares, but you have enough to make it 4 x 5 if you want. Begin by sewing the triangles into squares. Use a narrow ¼” seam allowance.
  • Arrange your squares again and then begin sewing each row together. I used the same ¼” seam allowance. After you have the rows sewn, line up the corners and sew the rows together to form the quilt.
  • Cut the quilt backing the same size as the quilted front. Place the front and back together with right sides touching. Sew the perimeter of the blanket with a ⅜” seam allowance. Leave a 2” opening to turn.
  • Turn the quilt right side out and press. Fold in the opening and stitch it closed, as well as top-stitching around the entire edge of quilt. Quilt by sewing on the grid lines or experiment with free motion quilting as I did. I made some basic loops. This is a great project to try out free motion as it’s nice and small.
What a fun little project. If you want it bigger you can just cut more squares with your ScanNCut. The quilting design possibilities are endless. Design, cut and have fun!!
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Pat Says:
11/7/2019 1:42:04 AM

I guess that is why I do not do patchwork. Why would you need 6 squares of three colours when the doll quilt only uses four squares of those colours or did you make something else and I missed it?

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9/28/2018 2:33:25 AM

Thanks for a cool tutorial. This project looks great. Congratulations on a very good job. I am happy to see all your ideas and ready projects of good projects.


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