How To Make A Drawstring Travel Pouch

Drawstring bag closed up


  • Brother Sewing Machine
  • 1 yd Printed Cotton Fabric
  • 1 yd Solid Cotton Fabric
  • 1.5 yds ¼” wide Grossgrain Ribbon
  • Pins or Fabric Clips
  • Safety Pin
  • Iron + Ironing Board or Heat Press
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Yarn
  • Matching Thread and Bobbin
  • (optional) 2 qty Drawstring Toggle Stopper

This innovative circle drawstring travel pouch is a blend of functionality and style, designed with the modern traveler in mind. At first glance, it's a compact pouch, easily storable in your luggage. However, once you open it, it unfolds into a flat circle, revealing all the contents at once, eliminating the need to rummage through it. Its drawstring feature ensures all your cosmetics are safely enclosed when not in use. This feature alone revolutionizes the traditional way of storing cosmetics while traveling. A clever solution to a common problem, it saves you time and keeps your belongings organized. This pouch is not only practical but also a testament to thoughtful, minimalist design, marking a new era in travel accessories.


1. Tie a piece of yarn to a fabric pencil/chalk.

Pen with thread attached to cap

With the end of the string in the center of the fabric and pencil as far out as the yarn can stretch, draw a circle. Ensure that the circle is 18” wide.

Needle with thread in the middle of a circle

2. Cut out 1 circle from the solid fabric, one from your printed fabric and also cut out two strips of fabric measuring at 2”x26”.

Patterns set for the project

3. Set the circles aside. Let’s take on of the strips of fabric, fold it on half and press. Open the fabric. Fold the ends in ¼” press. Repeat. The ends should have been folded twice.

Ironing the fabric to keep it from opening up

Sew along the short folded ends.

Stitching the fold so it closes

Do this with the other strip of fabric.

4. Grab the printed circle fabric. Attach (with pins or fabric clips) the strips of fabric to the circle with the raw side facing toward the outer edge of the circle.

Using clips to hold down the fabric togetherPutting on the clips around the fold

5. Sew fabrics strips on place at ½” seam allowance.

Stitching together the fabric using sewing machineChecking the progress of the stitch

6. Place the solid color circle on top of the previous circle, with right sides of the fabric facing each other. Pin.

Showing the wide shot of the fabric

7. Sew in place at ⅝” seam allowance, making sure to leave a 4 inch opening.

Continuing to sew the fabric with the sewing machine

When finished, turn the pouch right side out and sew the hole closed.

Folding the fabric inside out

8. Take the ribbon and cut in half. Starting with one, place a pin on the end of the ribbon.

Putting the pin in the fabric

Thread it through one opening and allow it to come out the other end.

Putting the pin on the outline of the fabricPutting together the string fabricAttaching the strings to the main body

9. Remove the safety pin and repeat with the opposite ribbon.

Putting the pieces together

10. From here, you can tie a knot at the ends of the ribbons and you can be finished or you can add a drawstring toggle stopper to the ribbons then add knot.

Tying the pieces together

11. That’s it!!

Putting the final steps togetherFinal bag shot

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