Embellish a Skirt with Embroidery

Embroidery is such a hot trend this spring! Whether you are sewing a skirt from scratch or recycling one from the back of your closet, adding a touch of embroidery can create an entirely fresh look. Keep in mind this would look great on a dress too 😊


Tip: My skirt fabric is a linen blend, but the stabilizer I am using would work great on rayon, cotton sateen, denim, wool, and cotton blends. JUST be careful with satin, silk blends, and velvet (to name a few). You don't want to damage the fabric from the iron when pressing on the fusible stabilizer; it's best to test the stabilizer on a swatch of fabric first.

Machine Used:

  1. Determine the placement for the embroidery on the skirt. I am going to focus on one side of the front of the skirt. I am marking that spot with a fabric pen or tailors chalk. Press the embroidery stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric covering the area to be embroidered.
Embroider a Skirt
  1. Hoop the fabric and insert the hoop into the machine. Choose an embroidery design or add a couple of designs onto the screen. Scan the fabric in and move the embroidery design as needed.
Embroider a Skirt
  1. Take advantage of COLOR SHUFFLE to quickly see what other color combination will look like (click here to see my previous blog post on using this feature).
    Click the icon to add a basting stitch around the embroidery design. This helps to keep the fabric in place and is particularly helpful when embroidering large design.
Embroider a Skirt Embroider a Skirt
  1. Sit back and watch it embroider.
Embroider a Skirt
  1. Remove the fabric from the hoop. Pull away the edges of the stabilizer and trim off the excess.
Embroider a Skirt
  1. Press the fabric and you are ready to go!
Embroider a Skirt If you are upcycling, you are ready to wear your skirt out on the town. If you are sewing from scratch, you are ready to sew the rest of the skirt. Either way, enjoy your new outfit! Be sure to share photos of your new skirt on social media using #angelawolf and #brothersews. Can't wait to see your creativity! Cheers, Angela angelas-sig