How to Sew Fleece Quarter or Half Zip Pullover

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Stay warm this winter with a fleece pullover! I love quarter-zip fleece tops for winter. They’re cozy and warm for the colder weather and easy to pull over hair and makeup with the center front zipper. Get the details below on how to sew a quarter or half zip pullover.


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  1. Draft a pattern using a similar silhouette. I have plenty of quarter-zip tops. I wanted this loose and boxy, so the bigger, the better.
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  3. Sew front and back shoulder seams right sides together.
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  5. Let’s start with the center front zipper and collar.
    To begin, place the zipper down the center front. Mark the bottom stop and then draw a line up to the center of the collar. From there, mark another set of parallel lines ¼” over on each side. Draw a horizontal line to connect these, indicating the bottom of the zipper.
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  7. Cut down the center line about halfway. Place the collar facing right sides together and sew.
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  9. Flip right sides out and press. Place zipper end right sides together and sew across the bottom of the zipper. (Note: See red stitches in image for Step 5)
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  11. Clip diagonally into the corners of the fleece only. When you flip the zipper up, you should see it tucks right in.
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  13. Sew
    Now flip the zipper up and stitch right sides together using the zipper foot. Repeat for the other side.
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  15. Fold the collar facing over the zipper so right sides are facing, and stitch on each side following the stitch lines. Clip corners and flip right sides out.
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  17. It should now look like this.
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  19. Now to finish the collar: On the wrong side of the collar, fold the facing edge over ¼”, pin evenly, and topstitch all the way around.
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  21. Topstitch the zipper and edge of collar: Begin in the center back and topstitch along the rim of the collar. Once you get to the zipper front, pivot and topstitch zipper to center back.
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  23. Sewing the rest of the garment: Sew sleeves by placing right sides together along open garment.
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  25. Flip right sides together and stitch side seams of bodice and sleeves.
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  27. Finish sleeve and bottom edges.
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