Who wouldn’t want to carry lunch in this jaunty, reusable oilcloth bag? It’s easy to make, easy to use and eliminates the waste of a brown paper bag every day. Make that noon meal a bright occasion.


Oil Cloth Lunch Bag


  1. Cut oilcloth 14” x 30”.
  2. Trim away ½” from short ends with zig zag rotary blade or simply leave the edge straight.
  3. Fold in half with right sides together. Hold long sides in place with fabric clips or clothespins.
Note: Do not pin through oilcloth as the holes will remain and reduce the waterproof effectiveness. If you must pin, do so in the seam allowances.
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag
  1. Set tension dial to 5. Set stitch dial firstto #6, shortest straight stitch.
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag
  1. Line raw edge with right edge of presser foot and take 4-6 stitches, beginning at rotary cut top edge of bag.
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag
  1. Move stitch dial to second setting, #9, a longer straight stitch, and complete the seam. Repeat on second side.
Note: Back stitching with the reverse function punches more holes than necessary in the oilcloth.
  1. Crease bottom of bag gently with fingers.
  2. Fold corner in alignment with bottom crease. Draw pencil line perpendicular to crease 3” from point of triangle.
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag
  1. Stitch directly on that line, with stitch #6 for first 4-6 stitches. Then select stitch #9, continue toward end of seam and select #6 yet again to finish seam.
  2. Repeat on opposite side, creating two identical triangles at bottom of bag.
  3. Select zig zag stitch #4.
  4. With left edge of presser foot against seam line, zig zag across each corner.
  5. Trim oilcloth up to zig zag stitches.
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag
  1. Turn bag right side out and stuff a tasty lunch into this cheerful bag.