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I took a deep dive back into sewing 13 years ago, sewing knit fabric clothes for my young kids. Since then, I have sewed with many kinds of fabric, but knit {stretch} fabric remains my favorite. I know that many people are scared to sew with knit fabric; that's one of the reasons I made this video. I want to show you some stitches that are perfect for stretch fabric and will help to take the mystery out of sewing with knit fabric. I’ve also included a quick look at some of my favorite knit fabrics and what I use them for. It is not an exhaustive list but will get you started if you don’t know where to begin.

The video will walk you through several great fabrics to start your knit sewing adventure. Then you will see how to use a regular sewing machine to sew knit fabric with a knit stitch or zigzag. You need to make sure that any stitch you use when sewing knit fabric has the ability to stretch with the fabric. I need my seems to be strong and stretchy, especially with my kids' clothes. Finally, see how easy it is to use a serger to finish the edges of knit fabric with a great stretchy stitch.

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