-Brother Sews Ambassador

Truly, there is a hoop for every task! Many specialty hoops are available, making embroidery faster and easier too. This quick tip shows how versatile the clam shell style “M” hoop is to use. Designed for tubular style Brother embroidery machines, clamp frame “M”, Part #PRCLPM1, mounts from the back of the machine, attaching to arm “D.” This double sided 4-inch X 4-inch hoop has strong holding power with a rubber grip on one side to hold slippery materials and a second soft side that’s gentle on materials easily marred by “hoop burn.” Simply flip the top piece to switch between the two surfaces. See Figure #1.

flip top piece of hoop

 It’s easy to mount fabric, which is held tightly by the clamping system. It’s equally easy to release the fabric by simply pressing on the tabs to release the hold. Compatible Brother machines recognize the hoop, so there’s no risk of stitching the wrong design in the wrong size hoop. Beyond that, this hoop also adjusts for a tighter grip, perfect for hooping both thin and thicker materials. You can press down on the bracket for a firmer, tighter hold.   This hoop is currently compatible with the following Brother machine models:

  • PR1055X
  • PR1050X
  • PR670E
  • PRS100

  Note: Visit the support section of the Brother website (https://www.brother-usa.com/brother-support) to make sure your machine is updated for use with available accessories.   In figure #2 you’ll see how I used this hoop to embroider on the corner of a napkin ring. Not having to hoop the odd shaped corner made it easy to stitch some lettering and built-in decorative stitches on my Brother PR67E. I started by layering a piece of tear-away stabilizer over the open hoop, slid my fabric over the top, matching my drawn center markings with the center notches on the hoop. See Figure #2.

Mark fabric

Tip: It’s not always essential to have the center markings lined up exactly with the markings on the hoop. As long as your parallel and perpendicular lines are straight, and your design does not fill the whole hoop you can fine tune the position in the next step. I touched the key to check where the center of my design would ultimately stitch and then used the arrow keys to move the hoop until the droplight feature on the machine pointed directly to the center mark. See Figure #3a and Figure #3b.

center design

Point light at midpoint of fabric

I also tested the alignment of the design using the top, bottom, left, and right controls on the screen. See Figure #4.

Check machine alignment

After seeing the position, I decided to move my design until it was closer to the tip of the napkin point. Clamping hoop “M” held everything in place and made it easy to stitch a beautiful greeting to coordinate with my fall themed napkin ring! See Figure #5.

Finish design

I saved the design in the built-in memory so I can quickly decorate napkins to complete my table setting and be ready for festive fall dinners! Visit your local Brother dealer to find out more about adding hoop “M” to your hoop collection.

Final napkin design