~Jane Clauss, Brother Sews Ambassador  ~For Decorative-Use Only   Make cozy bowl coozies created with love so you can start spreading joy from your heart to the table.
Supplies Supplies: Assorted Fabric
How to Make it: https://youtu.be/RrmRZ1I6dZY
  • Cut (2) 10”x10” squares of cotton fabric
Cutting Fabric   Cut Fabric  
  • Cut (2) 10” x 10” squares of cotton batting
Cut Batting  
  • Embroider a message of love similar to the conversation candy hearts (this step is optional)
Embroidering Letters  
  • Lay the cotton square of batting on the wrong side of one 10” x 10” layer of cotton fabric
  • Sew from one corner to another, making an x across the square
Sew from corner to corner   Sewn fabric in X pattern  
  • Repeat this step with the second piece of batting to the second piece of fabric
Sew across with batting and second fabric  
  • Fold one of the batting/cotton squares in half and on the folded edge
folded batting  
  • Measure 2 inches in from the raw edge and mark
measure and mark batting  
  • Along the raw edge, measure 1” from the fold - and mark
measure from fold  
  • Using a straight edge, draw a line from one mark to the other
connect markings  
  • Do this to both ends of the folded edge
marked fabric  
  • Sew between the two marks
sew markings  
  • Clip the corner
cut off corner  
  • Unfold the fabric and refold the same 10 x 10 piece in half again to create a new fold on the opposite side
folded cut fabric  
  • Repeat the steps to make the darts; there should be four darts on each square
  • Make darts on both of the 10 x 10 batting/cotton pieces
  • Laying the pieces right sides together
pinned batting  
  • Sew around the edge leaving a 3” opening
sew batting edges  
  • Turn it right side out
  • Press and top stitch all the way around
press fabric   top stitch   And there you have it: homemade bowl coozies sealed with a kiss! They’re so cute and easy to make, they can practically speak for themselves. This coozie is intended to be used with a bowl that is too hot or too cold to handle. These DIY bowl coozies also make cute catch-alls for dry items like jewelry or coins.   Finished Product   CLICK HERE FOR PDF!