Moana Embroidered Dress and Key Chains

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Use your Brother Dream Machine to celebrate Girl Power with machine embroidery designs from Moana, the new Disney movie. Girls of all ages will be inspired and empowered by the princess/heroine from this new Disney movie. Why not host a movie outing for your youngster and her friends. The little hostess will be wearing this Burda Kids pattern dress with machine embroidery designs from Brother’s Friends will be delighted with Moana character keychain favors to hang from their backpacks or purses. Moana affirms that girls can be strong and assertive.


Dream Machine:
most designs fit in 4x4 frame if the appliqué feature for keychains is not added. 5x7 is required for keychains and Wayfinder design.


  • stabilizers: fusible (iron on) & tearaway
  • piping
  • 16” zipper
  • threads for embroidery and construction
  • Burda 9380
Pictured dress is view B with contrasting hem shown on view A, size 5, except size 10 pockets.


  1. Stitch center back seam as directed and insert zipper.
  2. Sew hook and eye above zipper.


  1. Cut size 10 tan pocket pieces 9" x 18” in order to hoop and accommodate Maui’s design size of almost 5x5”.
  2. Bond medium weight iron on stabilizer to each pocket piece.
NOTE: Both the Moana and Maui designs selected for the pockets are stitch intensive, requiring iron on stabilizer. These designs will be hooped additionally with 2 layers of medium weight tearaway to prevent puckering.
  1. Press piece in half across the short side.
  2. Place point of pattern fold line at the left side of the crease. Rotate the pattern fold line to drop diagonally below the first crease. Keep the pattern straight of grain line parallel to the straight of grain line on the fabric.
NOTE: These are the markings for Moana’s embroidered pocket. The pattern piece for Maui’s pocket will be a mirror image of this so the two characters will face one another.
  1. Mark pattern cutting lines and diagonal fold line as directed below. DO NOT CUT OUT until after embroidery is complete.
  1. Mark pocket pattern piece as shown. Note that at the fold line the pocket is 6 3/4” wide. Mark the edges of the fold for placement of the center vertical line. This line, shown in brown, is in the center of the pocket fold line, 3 3/8” from either side.

  1. Prepare to embroider Moana at marked center.
TIP: The design fits in the 4x4 frame but must be hooped with the diagonal line of the pocket center in mind. Use of the 5x7 frame allows enough room for application of the snowman feature. Also, if the piece is not positioned precisely, the extra space in the 5x7 frame makes easy any necessary repositioning of the design.
The Dream Machine will scan the hoop and center the design at the cross-hairs of the snowman.
  1. Hoop Moana pocket piece with 2 layers of medium weight tearaway stabilizer and embroider.
  2. Flip the pattern piece for Maui embroidery.
  3. Cut out pocket pieces and seam as directed on pattern guide sheet.

Moana was embroidered with medium weight and one layer of tearaway. Still, there was some puckering. Maui was embroidered with a second layer of tearaway with better results.
  1. Set finished pockets aside.


  • Cut front pattern piece on fold as directed.
  • Cut 5" x 7” tan rectangle for Wayfinder design.
    NOTE: Wayfinder is an applique’ design 3¼" x 6”.
  • Embroider Wayfinder at center front with center 3¾” from neckline.
  • Stitch pockets to front as indicated by pattern. A decorative stitch was used to attach them.
NOTE: Place pockets on skirt to make certain that they do not overlap the seam allowance. For size 5, each pocket was moved closer to center--1 ½” from center front.


  • Stitch hem as directed. Piping was added between the skirt and contrasting hem.


For instructions on making keychain party favors, hop over to
and select their projects page. There are complete picture tutorial for dozens of fabulous things to make. This link
will take you to the Disney Christmas ornament page with the instructions needed to make the Moana keychains.
  • Send out party invitations. Press the dress for your little princess.
  • These embroidery designs have been manufactured by Brother under a licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company, through which Brother has permission to use Disney images. The embroidery patterns offered on iBroidery are for personal non-commercial use only. No license is granted for any commercial use of these embroidery patterns and any such use is strictly prohibited.

  • Burda Kids pattern is a product of Verlag Aenne Burda GmbH & C0. Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such products.

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