Need to Scoop? Here Comes The…

Need to Scoop? Here Comes The…...Poop

Equipment Used:

Machine: Persona PRS100
Specialty Hoop: SAFF022 Fast Frame 5” x 4”
Software: BES®4 Dream Edition™ Embroidery Lettering Software

Materials and Supplies:

Did you know that today is National Emoji Day?

It’s amazing to me that a few years ago, we didn’t use Emoji’s, and today they are a language unto themselves. Surprisingly, Emoji's first surfaced in 1998 and now they seem to be everywhere from craft stores to a three-year old’s Poop Emoji themed birthday party. (That one seriously had her parents concerned about offending anyone.) With tongue in cheek, I write this blog post. As I was browsing designs, I was flush with ideas of where to begin, but my mind went to the toilet so to speak. In discussion, my friends and I kept returning to the Poop Emoji. There's just something about that Emoji. It seems to make people smile. So, off to create an embroidery design for this topic. What could I use that would be cute, funny and not offensive at the same time? After kicking it around a bit, I came up with diaper covers that would say Lil ___er with the Poop Emoji in front of the "er." I thought about Party __er, but that just didn’t do it. I also considered a poop bag carrier for my dog Princess
, reading "My Poop Doesn’t Stink." The puns you think of with this Emoji are endless. No wonder it's currently ranked as the sixth most popular Emoji, according to my internet research. After setting up my pattern in BES®4 Dream Edition™ Embroidery Lettering Software
, I printed out a template of the design from the Print Setup menu so I'd know if my design was the appropriate size. This also gave me a way to mark the center of the design. National Emoji Day
Tip: If you use your ironing board for this process, you can place the diaper cover over the end and have a smooth surface on which to mark the center without having to fight the layers.
National Emoji Day
  • Do take the time to mark the center of the diaper cover.
National Emoji Day
  • I decided to do this design on my Persona PRS100 embroidery machine because it had a free arm and I didn’t want to take the diaper cover apart. If you are using a flatbed sewing machine
    , you may need to take the diaper cover apart or watch it very carefully (it all depends on the size of the diaper cover.)
  • I tested the design by stitching it out onto a piece of stabilizer to make sure that I liked the results. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a step that I usually take to make sure that things are going to go well with the embroidery and that I don’t need to make any adjustments to the design. This is especially important if I'm adding embroidery to an item I only have one of.
  • After that, I hooped my stabilizers and diaper cover, using a specialty hoop that I had for my Persona to make it a bit easier.
  • I added a basting stitch around the design using the Persona to make sure the diaper cover didn’t shift on me. This could have been done in the software, but I didn’t think of it until I was ready to embroider. I love having the option both in the software and the Persona.
National Emoji Day
  • With my embroidery running, my project was completed in under 10 minutes. Yeah!
National Emoji Day A little cleanup and low and behold I have the poop! If only I had a little one to model them for you. World Emoji Day Poop Emoji Final Also, in case you thought I was neglecting my little dog Princess
, she did get a poop bag holder. I wonder if her Dad will carry the pink bag? He may have if I'd made it Wisconsin Red. What do you all think? National Emoji Day Be sure to share photos with us on Facebook
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